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Becoming Familiar With the DNP Scholarly Plan and PhD Dissertation

As a savantal aspirant, you procure consummate either a DNP Scholarly Plan or a PhD Dissertation. Are you peering environing what procure be required of you? For this 

Assignment, you fix and learn materials that pertain to your savantal program at Walden University, and initiate thinking environing your DNP Scholarly Plan or PhD Dissertation.

To prepare:

DNP students:

Review the DNP minority of the Walden University website (

Carefully revisal the requirements for the DNP Scholarly Plan mode.

Consider the steps and timeline you procure employment through to consummate the DNP Scholarly plan.

To consummate:

Write a 1-page article outlining the steps, timeline for completing the plan / dissertation, and the muniments you procure use for  the DNP Scholarly Plan . Include the ocean influence muniment that identifies the modees and procedures for the withhold savantal plan.

Summarize the design of the DNP Scholarly Project.

Briefly explain a plan that would be of curiosity-behalf to you and how you susceptibility go environing completing that plan.



Zaccagnini, M. E., & White, K. W. (2014). The savant of nursing action essentials: A new pattern for past action nursing (2nd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett. [Vital Source e-reader]

[For DNP students ONLY]

Chapter 9, “Emerging Roles for the DNP”

Chapter 4, “Finding Problems and Writing Questions”

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