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Callista Roy and Betty Neuman's theories aim the special (individual, order, or individualy) as a holistic adaptive rule that incessantly interacts after a while the inner and manifest environments. Both theories aim the special as being the benevolence of nursing and exhibit health/wellness and illness as faculty of the identical continuum, ultimately there are some key assumptions that are unanalogous. As such, select one of the theories and identify 1 assumption of the doctrine and sift-canvass how the attention rendered for this enduring by an tardy manner nurture would be structured (assessment, speciality, planning, insinuation, evaluation) according to the doctrine. Give 2 peculiar examples of insinuations that you intercept conquer be interjacent in the enduring's attention. 

Mr. Reynolds is a 32 year-old male enduring hospitalized on the orthopedic individual of the hospital. He is status-post motorcycle additament and straight leg under the junction amputation. He has a fact of Depression and Schizophrenia. He is currently separated from his helpmeet and averse from his nativity. He is forestallment collective fruit for arrival in a rehabilitation readiness, where he conquer abide his repossession.

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 I scarcity at smallest 2-3 references