Ob – Many Businesses And Organizations Today Heavily

Team building is an important topic in OB. Many businesses and organizations today heavily rely on teams to run things. Many have self-directed teams that are increasingly responsible for projects and executive assignments that require timely responses. When you consider the history of Wikipedia and many online businesses that have been built using volunteered unpaid labor, it goes to show how much collaborative activities (paid or unpaid) are shaping the future of businesses and organizations. Please research further into this topic and generate your own ideas of how team building can help your current place of work, which is Verizon. I am a small business sales representative. TED Radio Hour: NPR by Guy Raz – http: //www. npr. org/programs/ted-radio-hour/?showDate=2014-08-15 (Links to an external site. )On Making Collaboration Work: http: //www. npr. org/2013/10/04/191621516/is-too-much-collaboration-a-bad-thing (Links to an external site. )

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