Office Man 130- A 325 Bed Obstetric Hospital Located About 15 Miles East Of Elvira Hospital

1) Nosocomial infection rate for adults and children2) Nosocomial infection rate for the hospital3) Gross death rate between July and December of 2008Question 3. A 325 bed obstetric hospital located about 15 miles east of Elvira Hospital , had 10,200 obstetric separations in 2008. There were 7,015 live births, 138 fetal deaths, 522 caesarean sections were performed with a total of 6,967 deliveries for the year and 2 maternal deaths. There were 3 infant deaths classed as early neonatal. 86 of the caesarean sections were seen by a consultant. Using the above information, calculate the following: (a) Fetal death rate(b) Cesarean section rate(c) Consultation section rate for caesarean births

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