Personality SWOT Analysis My Strength

Personality SWOT Analysis

My Strength

Hardworking and strong willed are major strengths that I have. Am usually determined to take challenges and crack the hardest nuts in life. This enables me to win solve may puzzles in life. The fact that I don’t give up easily makes set me apart from most people, in most cases I am usually the last man standing. In addition to that, am very social person, which enables me to make new friends easily. Social character combined with polished leadership skills enables me adapt to various situations easily.


Although I am hardworking and strong will, my tendency to take risks is a great undoing. Often I make mistakes that affect me and others. In addition to that, I often don’t pay much attention to details, as a result sometime I tend to ignore small details that matters costing me money and sometimes grades in my exams.



Due to leadership skills and my social character, I have an opportunity to make a great leader. Moreover, my character and leadership skills give me an opportunity to secure my dream job and even a scholarship to further my education. Because of my hardworking and determination to provide solution to difficult problems, I have an opportunity to secure many opportunities in the research areas.


My strong will and persistent is a threat to my leadership skills, I often end up promising people thing that I cannot deliver, and as a result I lose confidence and trust of those I lead.  In addition to that, my tendency to ignore details often costs me and those around me, unless I change this character, I may never become a great

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