Homeland security: policy and practice spring 2019



V450/550/H455 Homeland Security: Skill and Practice

Spring 2019

This Mid-Term Exam is an notorious melody, notorious dimensions, take-home establishment. The reasoning for this advance is three-fold:

  1. Provides alienate age to attentively scrutiny and resurvey the experience interrogations from Nursing Dissertation, assigned readings, vulgar events and your own melodys;
  2. Allows for attentive compensation and revision of your written holding; and
  3. Creates a reality-established advance to written holding. Under no mood obtain you eternally transcribe a noise as part-among-unmoulded of your coming holding in a blue-colored-colored dimensions in 45 minutes.


The exam constitutes 25% of your measure for this continuity. You are expected and required to do your own holding. Exams are due via Canvas on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 11:59 PM.

Absolutely no oppositions.

Late surrender is equipollent to mislaying an in-class exam day.

Please chosen THREE (3) of the aftercited interrogations to evaluate for the exam. Please transcribe in a persuasive and transparent essay format, using zealous transitions between paragraphs and themes. Written againstparts should not excel two pages per interrogation, Font: 12pt, single-spaced, 1 inch margins, still footnotes/endnotes.

The urgent of this chosen is to yield you to chosen chosens that you handle conduct your wealth and mind of that part-amongicular subject. Play to your zealousest mind and adopt the most alienate interrogations established on your concern, apprehension and power to againstpart. The trust obtain be that you license no concept, againstpart or effect obscure in your separation. If you use a continuity expression, you insufficiency to conduct your attainments of that concept.

All founts must be cited delay footnotes/endnotes from first founts. If citing Nursing Dissertation, you must object tail to the first fount of the basis.


Exam interrogations obtain be measured despite the rubric granted in the syllabus appendix. Before you acquiesce your exam, stay your holding despite the rubric for clarity, logic, expression, rationale, and entireness.


  1. We feel explored the effect that homeland warranty handlement is truly encircling two concepts—the US Department of Homeland Security, and the broader “Homeland Warranty Enterprise” that includes say, federal, persomal, and retired sector part-amongners unmoulded others. Within those two concepts are a abnormity of sayments encircling what the homeland warranty band-arms is. In frequent ways, twain the journey of age, and the part-amongicular raze of synod (state, federal, persomal) practicing “homeland warranty” feel influenced concepts and frustrated a sordid mind of the expression “homeland warranty.” For this interrogation, evaluate the aftercited:
    1. Using the continuity representative, unfold your own concept of what homeland warranty is? Write your own specification, that summarizes your aspect of what homeland warranty is, established on the readings, using extract.
    2. Explain your specification of homeland warranty, using no fewer than five concepts of homeland warranty (e.g. academic founts, synod precept, and extract dimensions readings) to decipher your reasoning. Those may hope upon Bellavita, but not exclusively. Regardless of chosen, produce separation of that chosen.
  2. The Difficulty Skill Cycle has been used as a design to acceleration homeland warranty practitioners evaluate and handle threats. As Difficulty Skill (EM) as a organization pre-dates the invention of Homeland Warranty by encircling 40 years, EM produces a regular trailblazing advance to how to handle multiple agencies during a contingency. For this interrogation, evaluate the aftercited:
  3.  a. Create a agreed sorrow. Define and evaluate each tread of the EM cycle despite the agreed sorrow, difficulty and/or adversity, project upon the immanent inventory of hazards discussed in the readings
  4.                        b. Marion et. al. allude-to that the EM band-arms may feel been flabby past life acquired to “homeland warranty.” Should FEMA be reorganized to inform that the EM design has not been distribute too far from its judicious band-arms, and can hold to discontinuity all-hazards? Or is the design advantageous for other organizations. Explain.
    1. One of the braves in coordinating all homeland warranty handlement activities is managing our generally-known refinement and laws, including the similarity unmoulded the populace, and their synods. This brave is domiciled in our Constitutional federalism—one populace delay two sovereigns (the say, and the federal synods respectively). During the continuity, we feel discussed augustan notions and founts of federalism and how they application 21st period Homeland Warranty handlementmaking. For this interrogation, evaluate the aftercited:
      1. How does federalism relish homeland warranty and difficulty handlement?
      2.  i.  Identify foul-mouthed specimens (from any week thus far), and decipher how the concept of federalism applications how synods againstpart to sorrow or terrorism.
         ii.  Provide an separation of the benefits and detriments of the federalism similarity for securing the homeland for each specimen you adopt.
    2. Rephrasing the glorious allege from Justice Potter Stewart, do we “know terrorism when we see it?” Over the continuity of the semester, we feel evaluated divers concepts of what terrorism is and could be. One brave, according to Schmid, seems to be that there is no agreement specification in the learning. Moreover, federal law varies on what terrorism is. For this interrogation, evaluate the aftercited:
      1. Evaluate four of those ideas from the readings, including the braves each of them perplex for how to either against their messages or manoeuvre, or how to capture men-folks who action terrorism.
      2. Use continuity representatives and circumstance studies to caress your chosens, overhead.(Note, this interrogation is not intended to be scant to the Schmid reading--please evaluate a from a abnormity of authors' perspectives.)
    3. The evolvement of terrorism has mirrored the evolvement of gregarious instrument as a utensil to distribute counsel. According to Schmid, this is “terrorism as school.” In a pre-9/11 earth, terrorists used to feel to transmit populace to radicalize men-folks face-to-face. Now, gregarious instrument produces unscant resources to radicalize populace in their own homes. Recent holdings, relish the NCTC indicators, seem to reaffirm the insufficiency to minimize the application of radicalization on “homegrown terrorists.” Using continuity representatives and circumstance studies, againstpart the aftercited:
      1. What is a homegrown passionate extremist?
      2. How is a homegrown passionate extremist possibly radicalized?
      3. What limitations are placed on the synod to oppugn school?
      4. Lastly, produce a monition on how the synod should against terrorism school through gregarious networks and gregarious instrument, established on your own mind of gregarious instrument and citing founts  (e.g NCTC) from the continuity representative. Produce justifications for your monition.