political sociology Paper.

Answer it in no more than three pages.
Be sure to use concepts and ideas from the reading in your answer. There is no right or wrong answers
to these essays. Your grade will be determined by your ability to analyze the situation using concepts

3) While Trump’s proposed budget makes many cuts to domestic welfare programs, it also
includes an increase in military spending and border control. Reflecting on these changes, Ari
argued that Charles Tilly’s work on war making and state building provides a solid explanation
for the budget. Marissa, in contrast, argued that this shift in priorities reflects the rise of
nationalism in the United States. Pippa, on the other hand, maintained that the new budget is
a continuation of Trump’s populist presidential campaign. What do you think? Be sure to base
your argument with reference to the readings and ideas of power from the course. You do not
necessarily need to take one position – the arguments may be compatible, but you do need to
demonstrate that you can reason using the underlying concepts.

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