Portfolio Project:

Portfolio Project:

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Data mining and analytics is one of the modern technologies that helps companies eliminate the uncertainties of decision making process. Data analytics helps companies develop accurate patterns based on business operations, marketing and other activities that can be used high-level managers to develop and implement effective decisions. In this paper, a detailed discussion will be done on how data mining and analytics technology can be used in Decision-Driven Organization.


For the Portfolio Project you will write a paper that could be used to educate high-level decision makers about the impact of a specific technology the organization is considering. You may choose both the technology and the organization.

In your analysis, include the following:

A clear description of your chosen organization including its mission, culture, and organizational structure.
The rationale for selecting the technology you did.
The impact of the technology on your chosen type of organization (include potential impacts on customers, employees, the community, and the industry overall).
The impact of the history and the evolution of the technology on the type of organization you chose (include identification, adoption, dissemination, and maturity issues involved with the technology).
The social and ethical ramifications of the technology.
Implementation considerations (include diffusion principles and change management).

Finally, include at least four recommendations on controlling or encouraging technological change as they apply to the organization.

Be sure to use at least four credible sources in your discussion –and cite them properly–to substantiate your recommendation and decision-making process.

Your paper should be 8-10 pages in length, well written, and formatted APA format