Practice Operations is a resource that brings operations management to life while reinforcing key concepts in a way that promotes critical thinking and strategic decision making. It is interactive, agame-basedreplication that allows students to handle operations of a clothing manufacturing and delivery company. It helps to gives the managers a chance of becoming more aggressive and creative in the production of new products.

In Practice Operations, players imagine the role of an Operations Manager in a business that manufactures clothing products for customers. Players are in command of placing bids for contracts, human resources and managing physical, ordering raw materials, revolving them into brightclothing and distribution the final products to the consumer(sanders, 2015). The game is involved in some focused modules that relateto the issues of thefabrication process, capability, supply chain, labor management, JIT, order fulfillment, quality control and customer satisfaction.

This is used to assess the creative ability of the students to see if they can be able to come up with products that are not in the market and how they can be able creative in their thinking and defining products. Thisexcellent mode of studying since it takes to task the thinking of the kids so that they can be able to come up with very creative products. Practice operation also tries to make the students can comprehend and manage the running of businesses which has theintense pressure that originates from the market and its expectations.

To summarize it is Important to ensure that the students are all rounded, and they can manage anything, and they will be able to withstand the pressure that may come with the task they are performing it will, therefore, be important if they can be able to withstand it.


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