Professional Development

Assignment Directions In the assignment, students will conduct occupational research including learning more about companies that they may wish to work following graduation. Students will use their research to answer the following questions in an essay addressing each of the questions below with a (minimum of 500 words) sharing long-term career development plans. Use the Internet, library resources, personal contacts, and interviews to research companies of interest as well as the specific occupation to find the duties of this type of position and the career path one can take in the field of this position.o Students should consider and respond to each of the following questions within the essay:o What job do you hope to obtain when you graduate from your program at Herzing University? I want to obtain a Medical Office Administrator job in a physician’s office.o Where do you want to be in 5 years after starting your career?o What are the earnings, benefits, educational requirements and employment outlook for this position?o What entry-level positions would you be able to apply for after graduation?o What company would you like to work for upon graduation?o What interests you the most about the company? Why do you have a desire to work at this particular company/organization?o How do you see yourself adding value to the organization upon being employed there?o What relevant information can you find out about the company from their website related to career opportunities and how to apply for jobs at the company?o What skills do you need to develop to be successful in your field?o What skills do you already possess that can help you to become employed?o What excites you about your future career path?o What items might you add to your professional portfolio before you apply for positions?o How will you remain current in your field after you graduate?o What are your goals for advancement?Additional websites to consider include: Occupational Outlook Handbook: at and Department of Labor s Career Guide to Industries at: should be cited in APA formatGrading Rubric is as follows:Criterion Excellent (5) Very Good (4) Good (3) Competent (2) Inadequate (1) ScoreQuality of the response Exceptionally clear and compelling. Very clear and organized. Ideas aresupported well. In general, clearand compelling. Somewhat disorganized and incomplete. Uninteresting ideasand incoherent Complete ness of the response Answers the questionscompletely. Answers majority of the questions. Answers some of the questions. Answers a few of the questions but misses most of the information Responses are incomplete.

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Professional development

1.Relational leadership can be defined as accomplishing a goal or creating a change via the people in the organization. The goal and/or change is seen as beneficial for the common good. This thought values ethical behavior and inclusivity. Discuss how a relational leader would (1) acknowledge the diverse talents of employees, (2) trust the process to bring good thinking to the socially responsible changes that all agree are worthy goals, and (3) empower employees. Your answer should be three paragraphs in length

2.How does understanding a model of relational power help a manager? In two paragraphs, describe how a manager may use different power bases/sources to lead his/her employees?

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