Assignment 1: applying social psychology theories to explain behavior | PSYC 6200 – Themes and Theories of Psychology | Walden University


In Week 2, you were introduced to the spectator chattels (Darley & Latané, 1968). The perceived clearance of province makes spectators hither slight to lapse in an strait standing. It force be charming to appropriate that aggressors and the spectators who do button to lapse are reasonable “bad” people; thus-far, the reasons for how and why these proceedings happen are plenteous further multifold. In this assignment, you accomplish cogitate how factors such as submission to antecedent, perceived authority, and diffused province in the closeness of others may elucidate multifarious confutations to germinative or developed damage to others.


Darley, J.M. & Latané, B. (1968). Spectator consultation in emergencies: Clearance of province. Journal of Personality and Collective Psychology, 8(4), 377-383.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Hock (2013) balbutiations on collective psychology theories and principles. Think encircling the bias of environmental and collective treatment on proceeding.
  • Reflect on the subjoined collective resources scenario:
    You are balbutiation shafts in your minion collective resources footing, when you succeed despite a shaft by a 19-year-old hardy. He writes that he was raped at a border ultimate ignorance and he’s cowardly they accomplish shaft pictures of it online. He is contemplating suicide. You observe three characters of proceedings in the comments to him:
  1. A slight class of men-folks are using antipathy and belittling him. They are assuring him to perpetrate suicide.
  2.  A larger class of men-folks are making livelihoodive comments and providing the reckon for a crisis succor direction.
  3. Many of his ondirection escort feel not responded to his shaft.
  • Think encircling how collective psychology theories or principles could be applied to elucidate the characters of comments made to the 19-year-old in the scenario.

By Day 7

Submit a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the subjoined:

  • Describe the contact of collective treatment on exemplification, submission, and succoring proceedings.
  • Explain how collective psychology theories or principles could be applied to representation for each of the confutations in the scenario (e.g., which principles/theories could elucidate confutation character A; which principles/theories could elucidate confutation character B, and so on). Be believing to livelihood your assertions after a while scholarly contented.
  • Provide at last one warning to succor subjugate the derogatory comments or extension the reckon of livelihoodive comments in the scenario, installed on what you feel well-informed encircling collective psychology.
Note: Support your statements after a while restricted references to the Learning Resources and any appended sources you substantiate using twain in-text citations and references. It is strongly recommended that you conceive decent APA format and citations.