Case analysis | Psychology homework help

Assignment Instructions

In this predicament examine, you accomplish excite a touchstoneing scenario using your conversance of touchstoneing and ethics. 

Part A: Review the Case

A initiate psychologist uses an IQ touchstone to establish scholars who would behoof from supplied programs and specific command. According to the initiate boundary cunning, new scholars must be touchstoneed for placement. A scholar from a verdant initiate relocates to an polished initiate amid the selfselfsame boundary. The initiate psychologist touchstones the scholar and observes a qualify in the IQ jaw from touchstoneing done two months anterior.

Part B: Predicament Analysis

In a 5-6 page article, addressing the aftercited information:

1. Describe your contiguous reaction to the scenario. What are the details you contiguously noticed? What questions did the scenario construct encircling touchstoneing?

2. Establish and interpret 3 factors that contact exploit on IQ touchstones.

3. Establish and examine 3 reliability and hardness concerns delay the scenario. 

4.  Identify and interpret at meanest 3 ethical concerns  as per the APA Ethical Codes and how you would instruct the concerns. 

Integrate academic sources on psychological duty to buttress your position.

Please fix that your article is in APA format, using 12 pt Times New Roman font, double-spaced, delay a designation and references page. An immaterial is not needful. The article should blend 5-6 scholarly instrument.