Discussion 2 : theoretical and conceptual frameworks (read attached

After balbutiation and regarding the differences and similarities betwixt presumptive and conceptual frameworks from incongruous sources, the instant stalk is to deliberate what likeness of presumptive or conceptual framework would be divert for your subject of cause.

Please music that this is not frequently unconstrained or manifest, as it is a honorable accident to invent a doctrine or concept condition that precisely mirrors your subject. Consult after a while the Walden Library to be chimerical after a while keywords and pursuit strategies that succeed produce a read condition (or conditions) divert to your subject.

For this Discussion, you succeed criticize the presumptive and conceptual frameworks in adventitious elaboration.

To lay for this Discussion:

  • Review the Grant and Osanloo condition (ATTACHED) connected to conceptual and presumptive frameworks build in the Learning Resources and deliberate how a conceptual framework differs from a presumptive framework.
  • Use the Course Guide and Assignment Aid to aid you pursuit for a repursuit condition on your subject of cause (Burnout/Work Life Balance Attached) that uses a presumptive or conceptual framework. (Note: This can be the corresponding condition as the one you succeed use for your Annotated Bibliography in this week’s Assignment.)


an exposition of how Grant and Osanloo (2014) depict the differences betwixt conceptual and a presumptive framework. Support your exposition after a while examples from the condition as well-mannered-mannered as from your texts.