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Assignment 2: Ultimate Contrivance Assignment Submission

For this assignment, you conquer ultimateize your Ultimate Contrivance Assignment for ultimate patience.

To Prepare:
  • Review the Ultimate Contrivance Rubric, located in the Course Information area, and observe the requirements needed for the Ultimate Contrivance Assignment.
  • Select two metaphysical theories and observe how they describe to the question you chose in Week 1 and Week 7.
Final Project

Write a 5- to 6-page paper (aside from the distinction page and references) that references at meanest four conversant catechism and apprehends at meanest two unique catechism for each scheme you clarified. Your ultimate contrivance should apprehend the following:

  • A designation of twain theories you clarified and why you imagine they are misspend for the question you chose from the catalogue or that was pre-approved by your Instructor by the end of Week 5
  • A similitude of the theories described to the question you chose
  • An discussion as to which scheme provides a amend sense of the question 
  • An description of how metaphysical inquiry inaugurated in these two theories helped you amend interpret the characteristics of the question
  • An demonstration of cultural aspects that energy assist to that sense

See Ultimate Contrivance Overview in Week 10 Learning Resources for layout.

Note: Support your statements after a while the conversant sources you authorized using twain in-text citations and references. It is strongly recommended that you apprehend right APA format and citations.
By Day 7

Submit your Ultimate Contrivance Assignment.

Submission and Grading Information