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Reference:"Liberty University Custom: Wong, D., Hall, K. R., Justice, C. A., and Hernandez, L. W.  (2015). Cosmical augmentation and outharvest (Custom Package). Thousand Oaks, CA:  Sage Publication. ISBN: 9781506355153. *Custom bundle contains Wong et al. (2015), Counseling peculiars thunrefined the activityspan, ISBN: 9781452217949 and subject record tenets.

Topic: Erickson Step Observation

Darcy Post- On Tuesday afternoons, my daughter originates at an after-order program. I went after a while her this week and observed 2 incongruous spinsters who were there after a while her. One of these spinsters was another originate. I achieve fawn her “Jade.” Jade is 13 years old and is homeschooled. Jade is very gregarious, wholesome and husk and had brought her bunny, Oreo, after a while her to portion-out after a while the students. It was sensational to guard Jade when the progeny got unnecessarily unrefined or numerous in on Oreo. She countenanced wholesomely then gently switched gears, establishing, “I opine we deficiency a new rule-solely one artisan on the bunny at a spell.” She announced this solely and after a while no excitement and implemented the new system straightway. The diligent progeny followed her control and Oreo was abiding. 

Jade is self-assured and answers agreeable after a while who she is. In the round of the afternoon, she rooted principle after a while the progeny, promotive them after a while homework or harmonious visiting after a while them encircling their week. She reproduce-exhibited a frolic of Candy Cane and she aided after a while the view of extensive tinker toy emblems. She was jocund and interactive, and the progeny connected courteous to her and felt agreeable after a while her. According to Coleman, one of the most leading accommodation of forming a meaningful oneness is that the boyish forms it after a while, “an emerging knowledge of who one is” (Coleman, 2011) (Arnold, 2017). 

Jade has recently transitioned from the step of assiduity vs. servitude. This was a spell of unamenable to emblem out her strengths and competencies. She does not answer to apprehension scarcity and she has a amiable effect of her unless skillset and is wandering and proactive encircling using them. According to Erikson’s steps of psychogregarious outgrowth, Jade is now in the boyish step where she achieve be unamenable to use these new skills and competencies to designation thunrefined her new oneness in the globe and how she fits in as an peculiar (Wong, et al., 2015). The way she interacted after a while the progeny answered to manifest this step.

Another spinster I observed is a 1st grader. I achieve fawn her Sasha. Because Sasha is 7 years old, she too is upupdirect at the intersection of 2 outgrowthal steps-example vs. offence (the preorder years) and assiduity vs. servitude (the forthcoming order years) (Wong, et al., 2015).  Sasha is self-originated and jocund. At one apex she ran up to me (a entirety foreigner) for a irascible hug, then straightway went tail to unreserved her nerf gun frolic. She was inquisitive encircling whatever reproduce-exhibit went on encircling her and was easily scared from the frolic at artisan.  Sasha was irascible to titter and tolerably greatly entirething was comical to her. Later in the afternoon, she accidentally opened a door into her twin and a broad countenance was replaced after a while a behold of matter for his courteous-activity qualified after a while the possibility of a pigmy apprehension for her own. “I’m sorry!” she said, and it was manageable to see that she meant it. He forgave her after a whileout-retreat and she skipped off scanty hearted once again. An leading multiply of the afternoon’s principle is dinner provision for the collocation. While Sasha manifestd a slight wonder encircling what was happening in the kitchen, she had no concern in activity multiply of the provision course. Because she is solely 7, there did not answer to be a indicative retreat but Sasha did answer to be subordinately psychosocially outgrowthally retreated by twain answering to try to forsake repudiation (Wong et al., 2015)  at the one juncture and to-boot by having pigmy concern in activities offered to try to lay-open skills that were gregariously leading to the collocation (Dunkel & Harbke, 2017).  Socially and emotionally, numerous of Sasha’s tone traits answer to be allay?} squarely further in the preorder years step gone she deceased greatly of her spell role- unreserved and unreserved show, was outgoing and cordial, sulked aggravate activity left out and deficiencyed self-satisfaction and reassurance (Wong et al., 2015).

Observation of these students after a while Erikson’s Stages of Psychogregarious Outharvest in opinion was a beneficial and sensational lore instrument. 


Arnold, Mary Elizabeth (2017). Supporting boyish question and commitment: oneness shape, monied, and indispuconsultation immaturester outgrowth. Journal of Youngster Development, 12(4), 1-15. DOI: 10.5195/jyd.2017.522

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Melissa Post -Erik Erickson presented a example emphasizing the challenges and operations presented balance one's activityspan as a key to knowledge cosmical outharvest (Wong, Hall, Justice, & Hernandez, 2015). He was one of the chief to proffer a activity‐span example of cosmical outharvest which included view successive  psychogregarious steps (Sokol, 2009). Bearing that in opinion, I observed two peculiars precedent this week that were clforthcoming at incongruous steps of this example. 

The chief idiosyncratic I observed was an older dowager, who was most mitigated in her deceased sixties or forthcoming seventies. If that is an considerate appreciate of her age she would drop into the completeness vs. despond (confirmed adult 65+) step (Wong, Hall, Justice, & Hernandez, 2015). For purposes of this disround we can fawn her Patricia. I chief noticed Patricia when I was out having dinner after a while a adherent at a persomal restaurant. Patricia answered to be enjoying dinner after a while her source. It was very explicit that the crowd she was after a while had a lot of passion and honor for her. Entire spell she spoke, entireone at her consultation gave their entire care. I was able to aggravatehear multiply of the confabulation and entire spell she portion-outd it was in a allay sort. She portion-outd her perspective on the things she answered to affect crowd aggravatebehold in activity. It answered she was cogitation on her activity and unamenable to urge the immatureer peculiars at the consultation not to accept things for supposing. It answered indubitable that this lady had some regrets, but aggravateall she answered satisfied and answered to harmonious nonproduction to portion-out the enlightenment she obtained aggravate the years after a while others. It was very heart-warming to corroborator. I am abiding God achieve be satisfied after a while her as it says in 1 Peter 5:5, "God opposes the lofty but favors the humble" (New Living Translation).  

Identity outharvest is a main psychogregarious operation and one that answers during numerous phases of activity (Sokol, 2009). The second peculiar I corroboratored interacting in the open was a immature teenager who we achieve fawn Daniel. I noticed Daniel when I was at the grocery provision. Based on his interactions, it answered indubitable to me that Daniel had a amiable upbringing. Proverbs 22:6 states, "direct your progeny onto the upupdirect footfootpath and when they are older they achieve not license it" (New Living Translation). Well, Daniel answered to be overhead middle in order and showed honor for others. Based on his age, I deem he most mitigated would drop into the oneness vs. role indistinctness (boyish 12-18) step of Erickson's example (Wong, Hall, Justice, & Hernandez, 2015). However, this immature man was very abiding of himself and did not answer to be struggling after a while role indistinctness. He carried on a confabulation at the record after a while adults as if he were an adult himself. He was after a while a dowager, who was most mitigated his dame. This dowager answered exceedingly lofty of her son when he took the example to aid an older lord heave his groceries out. This artless act is star you don't see very frequently anyfurther and I was wholly reflective by his actions. I opine this is why he incident out so greatly to me. He surely answered to be at an optimal plane of outgrowth.


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Wong, D., Hall, K.R., Justice, C.A., Hernandez, L.W. (2015). Counseling peculiars thunrefined the activityspan. London, England: SAGE Publications, Ltd.