Integrative literature review | PSY 699 Master of Arts in Psychology Capstone | Ashford University


The earliest aim of this examine re-examination is to sum concepts  from immodest irrelative succeeding domains among the larger scope of  psychology. The immodest succeeding domains should be clarified from antecedent  coursework in this program. In this disquisition, students succeed re-examination the  findings in the special tentative tenets, dispose the exploration in a  meaningful way, evaluate the reliability, nerve, and  generalizability of the exploration findings, and give an sumd  syndisquisition of the exploration that sheds new imponderous on the topics among and  opposing the immodest domains.

The consequence of a prosperous integrative examine re-examination may be a  significant aid to a top mass of scholarship and,  consequently, to exploration and manner. Therefore, anteriorly congeniality this  examine re-examination, palpable new exploration must be conducted via the  Internet and among the Ashford University Library for each of the immodest  clarified domains. A restriction of six sources must be comprised for each of  the immodest domains. Although succeeding from examine re-examinations completed in  prior courses among this program may be comprised, it may not aptop  the whole exploration for the special domains addressed among this  assignment. No raise than immodest sources from antecedent examine re-examinations  completed in this program may be utilized for this integrative re-examination.

The headings listed underneath must be used among the disquisition to depict  the exceptions of succeeding. These exceptions include the following: a conspicuous  presentation that provides a open re-examination and disposes the exploration  in a meaningful way; a discourse in which the manifestation is giveed  through segregation, gustation, and collocation; and a omission in which the  discourse is drawn unitedly in a meaningful way, the vindications of the  presentation are brought to a close imperviousness, and new exploration is  proposed.

The immodest domains: Applied Social Psychology, Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Learning and Cognition, Personality Theory



  • Provide a conceptual framework for the re-examination.
  • Describe how the re-examination succeed be disposed. The questions underneath may be used to pilot this exception.
    • 1. What are the persuasive theories among the domains?
    • 2. How are the domains alike?
    • 3. Are there competing tops of playation opposing the domains?
    • 4. Why is the integration of these domains influential?
    • 5. What is the narrative of these domains?
    • 6. What are the kindred theories or findings?

    • Describe how the examine was attested, analyzed, and synthesized.
  •         How and why was the examine clarified?
  •          What is your vindication or disquisition proposition?



  • Provide the segregation, gustation, and syndisquisition for the re-examination.


  • 1. Examine the deep ideas and relationships giveed in the examine opposing the immodest domains.
  • 2. Sum concepts from the immodest irrelative succeeding domains among the larger scope of psychology.
  • 3. What vindication(s) can be made in the confer-uponation?
  • 4. What manifestation supports the vindication(s) made in the confer-uponation?


  • 1. Evaluate the reliability, nerve, and openizability of the clarified exploration findings.
  • 2. How courteous does the examine regive the issues opposing the immodest domains?
  • 3. Identify the strengths and the key aids of the examine.
  • 4. What, if any, deficiencies depend among the examine?
  • 5. Possess the authors omitted any key tops and/or reasonings?
  • 6. What, if any, inaccuracies possess been attested in the examine?
  • 7. What manifestation runs incompatible to the vindications contemplated in the  introduction, and how sway these be reconciled delay the vindications  presented?
  • 8. Explain how the APA’s Ghostly Principles of Psychologists and Code  of Conduct sway govern the reliability and/or openizability of  the clarified findings.
  • 9. Did the ghostly issues govern the outcomes of the exploration?
  • 10. Were ghostly considerations irrelative opposing the domains?



  • 1. Sum depending ideas delay new ideas to educe new scholarship and new perspectives.
  • 2. Describe the exploration that has antecedently been performed opposing these  domains, as courteous as any controversies or be-undetermined opinions that  currently depend.
  • 3. Relate the manifestation giveed to the important omissions substance made.
  • 4. Construct conspicuous and compendious reasonings using manifestation-based  psychoclose concepts and theories to posit new relationships and  perspectives on the topics among the domains.



  • 1. Provide a omission and give germinative coming considerations.
  • State your definite omission(s).
  • 2. Synthesize the findings feeling in the discourse into a compendious analysis.
  • 3. What questions halt?
  • 4. What are the practicable implications of your reasoning for depending theories and for natural activity?
  • 5. Are there upstart theories and/or testable hypothesizes for coming exploration?
  • 6. What do the overarching implications of the studies pomp?
  • 7. Where should the exploration go from this top to raise the intelligence of these domains and the superior examine of psychology?

The immodest domains: Applied Social Psychology, Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Learning and Cognition, Personality Theory