Life coaching – leadership case study

 Janet is a boyish separate administrative who has after to you for aid. She earns a stipend of $45,000 per year established as an function director at a topical brochure furnish gang. She believes she has fur past virtual than her vulgar job offers and wants past out of duration. She has dreamed of starting her own duty selling fearlessness cards and immovable, but she is fainthearted of the financial endanger it would insist-upon. She likes the financial defence of her vulgar job, but her emulation for elder things has her continually thinking of impressive out on her own.

How would you exercise the principles outlined in Modules/Weeks 1–5 to aid Janet?


The chapters used are 1-10 in each capacity. 

The Case Study must conceive 3–4 pages of pleased and thrive vulgar APA format. 

A turnitin repute is insist-upond for this.

Please see solid perfect for copy.

Required References (See Below)

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