Needs assessment | COUN 6626 – Research Methodology and Program Evaluation | Walden University


As a counselor, you conquer mention services for clients. It is dignified for you to perceive how to induce a needs duty to acceleration you apprehend how to conceive new services that conquer encounter the needs of your clients or the clients of an action. Keep in choice that a needs duty and program evaluation are not tantamount. A Needs Duty conquer pretext you what services are needed for your clients, occasion a program evaluation conquer enumerate you whether services that enjoy already been delivered were telling for your clients. You conquer dig deeper into program evaluations instant week.

For this Assignment, you conquer revisal a contingency issue of a needs duty and constitute a admonition for program crop established on the axioms that was placid.

To Prepare

  • Review the Needs Duty Worksheet set in the Learning Resources, and attend the requirements for this Assignment.
  • You may exertion independently or conceive paltry orders of no past than three mass. If you pick-out to exertion in paltry orders, you may use the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra “Live Meetings” cat's-paw set in the left-hand navigation of the classroom to collaborate delay your order in a contemporary way. Once you way the “Live Meetings” cat's-paw, use the “Sessions Help” component in the top right-hand cavity to direct you through setting up your treaty delay your order if you pick-out to do so.
  • Review the Needs Duty Worksheet and attend the requirements for this Assignment. Specifically:
    • Review the contingency con-over.
    • Answer all questions in the exertionsheet.


Imagine you are a undertaking hardness or segregate of a undertaking hardness teeming delay making a judgment about the crop of a new program. Your job is to revisal the axioms that was placid and perfect a Needs Duty Worksheet that conquer acceleration you personalize whether a new program should be familiar and for which populations it conquer be accelerationful.

  • As an personal segregate of a undertaking hardness or in your paltry order undertaking hardness, perfect the Needs Duty Worksheet.