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 The President has honorable presented some incomplete congress to Congress that embraces the subjoined arrangement (hereinafter determined the “Kidnapping Exigent Qualification System Provision” or “KECIP”): (a) The United States Attorney* shall keep the proper to an casualty hearing in the District Affect (hereinafter determined a “KECIP Hearing”) among 24 hours of a dubitate’s apprehend when (1) Pursuant to a legitimate apprehend, a dubitate is held in federal keeping pursuant to a enjoin of kidnapping; and (2) The whereabouts of the individual or individuals allegedly kidnapped sojourn unrecognized to federal law enforcement officers. (b) If, in the KECIP Hearing, the affect determines that the United States Attorney has shown, by bequitable and convincing exemplification,† that: (1) The whereabouts of the individual or individuals kidnapped is unrecognized to law enforcement officers; (2) The dubitate is chargeable on for kidnapping said individuals; (3) The dubitate has discuss to perceive of the vulgar colony of said individuals; and (4) That the use of the system technique frequently perceiven as “waterboarding,” among the continuance of the continuance prescribed herein, is in-effect mitigated to fruit in the dubitate disclosing the vulgar whereabouts of said individual(s), then federal law enforcement officers shall keep the unbiased instance to use waterboarding for the purposes referenced herein for a continuance of 72 hours, during which continuance the dubitate shall keep no proper to instruction, nor to urge the affect’s conclusion, nor to apportion for a writ of habeas corpus. (c) The instance granted in multiply (b) hereof is theme to the plight that fitted medical individualal shall be in apparatus during the aggregate of said 72 hour continuance. (d) No notice disclosed by the dubitate at any era during said 72 hour continuance, or aback discovered or obtained on the plea of such exposure, shall be penetrable in gauge in prosecuting the dubitate, such exemplification life extreme on the plea of Fifth Amendment protections safe-guarding the proper athwart self-incrimination.

 KECIP has already ignoringed in the House of Representatives. The President is committed to signing KECIP into law if it is ignoringed by Congress. Thus, the necessity of KECIP hangs delay the Sentate.  * This is the scion of the government that prosecutes federal iniquitous predicaments. † For purposes of this assignment, appropriate that “bequitable and convincing exemplification” is celebrity betwixt “a superiority of the exemplification” and “beyond a discussable dubitate.” Roughly speaking, it is in the neighborhood of proving that the arrogation life made is at averageest 75% mitigated to be penny. Page | 2 As things hold in the Senate, 49 aristocratics are easily committed to voting in regard of KECIP and 49 aristocratics are easily committed to voting athwart KECIP. One aristocratic is easily committed to forbearing from voting on KECIP. In the predicament of a tie opinion, the Vice President conquer style the tiebreaking opinion in regard of KECIP and, thus, KECIP would ignoring in the Senate and, concordingly, grace law. There is singly one aristocratic who is wavering, Aristocratic Dorothy Whitcomb. Thus, if Aristocratic Whitcomb opinions in regard of KECIP, or forbears from voting, KECIP conquer grace law. If she opinions athwart it, it conquer not. You operation for Aristocratic Whitcomb as an advisor. She tells you that she has intellectual qualms environing this incomplete congress. She fancys it jurisdiction be intrinsically injustice to waterboard a individual, but is not thoroughly unfailing. She is so restless environing the undeveloped dogmatic and denying consequences of KECIP beseeming law. Her vulgar proneness is to opinion athwart KECIP, but the superiority of her constituents would approve her to opinion in regard of it. In dispose to determine what to do, she wants to get a ameliorate grip on the appropriate intellectual outcomes. Aristocratic Whitcomb has had other members of her staff do lore and informs you of the subjoined. First, waterboarding is 70% serviceable in eliciting penny confessions in the qualification determined in KECIP. Second, 1% of the dubitates themeed to waterboarding pursuant to the incomplete congress conquer die as a fruit. In making your anatomy, you are to appropriate that all these arrogations are penny. Aristocratic Whitcomb asks you to transcribe a monograph advising her as to whether she should: (1) opinion in regard of KECIP, (2) opinion athwart KECIP, or (3) forbear from voting on KECIP. She wants you to disingenuous your anatomy of the outcome on two intellectual theories: (a) Consequentialism and (b) the Doctrine of Doing and Allowing. As a multiply of your anatomy, she so asks you to operation out whether or not the subjoined outcomes stuff, and, if they do, in what commendations they stuff and how ample they stuff: (i) the number of nation that keep been allegedly kidnapped by the dubitate, and (ii) the plights in which the kidnapped individuals are life held. When apportioning Consequentialism, you conquer keep to particularize which sorts of things you admit to be intrinsically estimable. Honorable do your best to gather pretentious things. It look mitigated that this should embrace some basic mind of rational courteouslife and what that involves. I am not anticipateing you to particularize some penetrating supposition of what is intrinsically estimable. Nor am I anticipateing that you can rigorously quantify anything. If you ascertain that there are things that you can quantify in a serviceable way, then do so. But I don’t anticipate you to do some full-blown hedonic calculus or celebrity approve that. Honorable fancy as discussably, virtuously, and serviceablely as you can environing the outcomes in this composition. Remember, you are thus-far aiming to concede the Aristocratic some good-tempered, trained advice that she can rely on to be courteous conceit out and brightly customary so that she can bear-environing a conclusion on a very grave stuff. Remember, you are advising the Aristocratic as to her conclusion. Your singly job is to transcribe an virtuous and obsequious monograph to warn her. Note: There may be further grave outcomes than can be handled among the comignoring of a fivepage monograph. Honorable use your belief in selecting the most grave things to converse environing. This  Page | 3 jurisdiction average that you can’t converse environing all of the things that you deduce grave owing this is such a condensed monograph. You must use your belief to prioritize the outcomes. Although you are to succumb your operation in the regular monograph format, as determined adown, you should transcribe the willing of your monograph as if you are addressing the Senator. The “Method Guidelines” and “Style Guidelines” supposing adown are negotiative departmental guidelines for all “Signature Assignments” for the Core Curriculum (which is what this monograph is). I am required to unite those multiplys of the instructions verbatim in assigning this monograph. Here is how to fit the theme that I keep conceden you into those guidelines. Delay deference to Method Guideline #1, the “different practicable defenses” you are looking at are the defenses you are giving to the Aristocratic as to how to opinion—“yes” or “no”. One of them is the defense you fancy best and the other is not. This concedes you what you scarcity to form your monograph in concord delay Method Guidelines #1 and #2. Method Guideline #3 asks you to bear in sound concepts referenced in the prompt—these are Consequentialism and the Doctrine of Doing and Allowing as mentioned over in the instructions.