Socw 6111 week 2 discussion 2 | SOCW 6111 – Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice I | Walden University

Discussion 2: Dual-Role Relationships

Consider this scenario:

You accept a hotline ole at your supernatural heartiness performance from a client requesting a corresponding-day Nursing Assignment. You are the solely gregarious operationer succorful to operation after a while clients at the term, as your coworker is out of town on remyth for 10 days. A 15-year-old boy struggling after a while lowering (no suicidal ideation) and addiction oles investigation for succor. While you are muster counsel balance the phone, you accomplish that he happens to be the son of a ally. Do you abide the manner, planning on providing him after a while services, or do you attribute him to another supernatural heartiness clinic that is balance 30 miles afar? Do you produce him halt until your coworker receipts? Do you apsituation his parents and decide them he oleed?

In convinced geographical areas there may be scant instrument and in alter a closing of opportunities for clients to procure maintenance. In some bucolic or differently unartificial areas there potentiality be predicaments that produce it unmanageable to preserve creative boundaries due to dual-role harmonys. Dual-role harmonys await when a functional fills multiple roles at the corresponding term, a predicament that may be regular in convinced condition.

Understanding the momentous impression of a dual-role harmony after a while a client is material in prescribe to eschew harming the client. Further, recognizing the impression on the client and the harmony obtain aid in the myth of forcible functional boundaries. In these predicaments, a gregarious operationer potentiality affect his or her power to preserve these boundaries is complicated or may equable trial a esteem doubt due to the awaitence of dual-role harmonys.

Consider the consequence of boundaries in a hygienic harmony. Think about ways a gregarious operationer potentiality ravish the NASW Code of Ethics as it pertains to dual-role harmonys. Is there continually a predicament in which dual-role harmonys are sportive, or equable eminent?

Post an description of how you potentiality corcorrespond to the predicament after a while the 15-year-old boy on the hotline. Include ways your firmness may impression the client. Support your situation after a while attributeences to this week’s instrument, functional trial, and added examination. How obtain you address a potential dual-role harmony? (1-2 pages, Cite from Resource)