Treatment interventions | Psychology homework help

Write a 750-1,000-word assignment that gives a public overview of regularly used material use guess-work tenor approaches. In union, you are to fine two despicable approaches and assimilate their similarities and differences.

Include the subjoined in your assignment: 

  • A shabby patronymic of two despicable empirically researched material use guess-work tenors. Choose from either Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, or Solution-focused Shabby Therapy.  
  • A discourse environing the differences of each tenor rolled.
  • A discourse environing which order you would promote to use and why.
  • A roll of professionals who may be concerned in tenor, their role, and how you would coordinate tenor after a while them.
  • A partiality of two conversant sources.

**I feel selected Solution-focused shabby therapy and Cognitive Behavioral therapy****

Consider using the subjoined level-one APA headings in your pamphlet to aid constitute the content:

  • Overview of Tenor Approaches to Addictions Counseling
  • Treatment Differences
  • Preferred Order and Rationale
  • Treatment Professionals

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines institute in the APA Style Guide,

*** Please grasp an Intro or Conclusion


  • Not web pages. Conversant = Peer-Reviewed / Published
  • Aim to use popular media as polite. 

Please give-heed-to that the Rubric identifies the scoring levels of this assignment in the subjoined manner:

  • Excellent (100%) – Thorough, Well-Reasoned, Fully Attended by Conversant Sources, Rich in Detail
  • Good (87%) – Thorough and Well-Reasoned, attended solely by Course Materials, No Additional Research Included
  • Satisfactory (79%) – Accurate and Complete, Not Comprehensive, No Support Evident
  • Less Than Satisfactory (74%) – Incomplete or Flawed Response, but stagnant receives a cessation charges due to force after a while some notice graspd worthy of points.
  • Unsatisfactory (0%