QMDS2010 case 3

Case # 3A certain fuel produced by a chemical company varies in its composition and therefore in its density. The average density of the fuel is to be determined for engineering purposes. Rather than take the average of all the densities observed, it was decided to estimate the density through regression. Different amount of the fuel were sampled at different times and the weights (in grams) and the volume (in cubic centimeters) were accurately measured. Based on the following data: Include the Excel output with your submission. What is the regression equation if we are trying to predict the weight of the batch based on its volume?What is the weight of the batch when the volume is 7 cm3?Is the relationship between weight and volume significant (use α = . 01)? Show in your submission why or why not. How strong is the relationship between the two variables? Provide evidence to support your conclusionDoes the equation provide good fit? Provide evidence of your conclusion. If fit is not as good as it could be, are there any other factors that could affect the weight of the batch? What are they?