Religious Conflicts

Religious conflicts have been on the rise these days. Formation of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria which has extremist Islamic ideologies has been a concern to all religions in the world. The rise of Christian’s extremism is the central Africa has also brought a new perspective of religion persecution. Alshabab terrorism group of extremist Muslims has persecuted Christians in Kenya. Heightened religious has become a global concern; countries should adopt all the necessary measures to provide security for religious minority from prosecution and terrorism threat. Radicalization is the major cause of religious extremism today. The high rate of radicalization of the youth and children need to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Countries need to develop counter narrative for religious radicalization and ensure religious tolerance. In addition to preaching religious tolerance, the countries should put the necessary political measures to protect the religion minorities. A combination of a counter narrative on radicalization, measures to stop radicalization, teaching religious tolerance and protecting the rights and freedom of worship of the religion minority will effectively address the problem of religious minority persecution. Government and international human rights organizations should ensure that rights and freedom of the minority groups are respected and upheld. Countries and global economies have a collective responsibility to address persecution of religious minority group. All religions should protect the sanctity of life

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