research on the brand and its brand-community and anti-brand community.


First thank you for taking this question. Actually, I’m working on a thesis regarding to the analysis and research on the brand and its brand-community and anti-brand community. The brand we chose is Innocent I’m in charge of recommend strategies to overcome challenges associated with the anti-brand community.

The attachement is the solution that has been provided by one of the tutors. The solution is well-organized and contains enough theoretical foundation. However, as a matter of fact, Innocent has done an excellent job in establishing and improving their brand community and corporate-customer communication, which is exactly why studying anti-brand community been such a sophisticated and difficult task since there are not much information can be found on its anti-brand community. For this solution, I would like for you to include more practical exmaples and real cases which you can find on various of Innocent brand community (official website, facebook, instagram, twitter, flicker, YouTube Channel etc.). For each strategies, it’s supposed to be facilitated with example of anti-brand community or anti-brand behaviors that you can located in the above communities. If there are not much traits of anti-brand community, the risk and dangered prospect of overlooking such an important issue should be clarified.

Last but not the least, the strategies and the entire content should be original, NO plagiarism should be appeared. I’d be very much appreciate it if the solution could not only present the originality and freshness of thinking, but images, infographics etc. will be included as well. Thank you so so much.

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