Research paper

Each student will complete a 6 to 8 page term paper. These will have a cover sheet with the name of the paper, the class name and the student’s name on it. The 6-8 page paper will utilize 12 point font and be double-spaced. Use APA format. The paper will contain the student’s opinion and will use information from the book or the lecture or the student’s personal experience to expound on the solution or commentary to a case to be provided by the instructor. Late papers will receive a 5 point penalty. Papers that are not 6 pages long (not including cover sheet or reference paper will receive a 5 to 15 point penalty dependent on the severity of the offence . Papers may be longer than 6 pages, but no longer than 8 pages in length. Assignments more than 1 week late receive a zero grade.

The topic will be assigned in class but will deal with Deming, Juran, and Crosby and their effect on modern quality today via their work in Japan in the 1950’s and 60’