Response to This student in Unit 3 Continued

I participated in an excellent course back when I was in the process of obtaining my Bachelor’s degree. I had the opportunity to explore the various psychologies that are experienced by other people. One highlight was to identify how a person’s misconception has the ability to impact how they treat other people. When an organization chooses to not address cultural diversity, I believe it will negatively impact the morale of a facility. Understandably, it is always necessary to hire the most qualified individual regardless of their race, gender, etc. However, every person within the country has their own characteristics and behavioral traits. Not to sound cliché but everyone is unique in every way imaginable. I believe it is in the best interest of an organization to promote learning so that if anything, people can simply behave as adults and work together regardless of personal feelings.

Society will often shun what is not understood. A healthcare organization has the opportunity to bring people closer together when there is a program put into place in order to embrace cultural distinctions. I believe that educating your peers is what is needed in an effort to combat negative characteristics such as hate, anger, resentment, and animosity. It is a tool which can build camaraderie and establish a facility where co-workers are able to behave professionally. One thing I also want to address is that these programs will ensure negative behavior will not be tolerated. Programs will demonstrate that an organization takes cultural equality seriously. If someone were to behave negatively towards a coworker due to their cultural distinctions, this will not be tolerated. The current organization where I work also has an Equal Opportunity Coordinator who may be contacted if discrimination were to occur. This person utilizes their role in an effort to act as an informal mediator. Not all discrimination circumstances are eligible for informal resolution; however, it is an option for some people to utilize in order to stop workplace harassment.

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