1) Select a movie: For this assignment, you will need to select one movie. Even if it is a movie you have seen before, you need to re-watch the movie with a critical eye towards the social construction of reality and illustrations of other sociological/cultural concepts.

Suggested Movie Options:
Hotel Rwanda
Million Dollar Baby
Office Space
Boys Don’t Cry
The Village
Cape Fear (deNiro version)
Mystic River
Last Samurai
Mothman Prophecies
The Wall
Stepford Wives
Pretty in Pink
Hoop Dreams
The Terminal
The Breakfast Club
It’s a Wonderful Life
Bowling for Columbine
Grapes of Wrath
Pretty Woman
The Hours
To Kill a Mockingbird
Citizen Kane
Cabin Fever
Clockwork Orange
Fight Club
The Gods Must be Crazy
Taxi Driver
Coming to America
American History X
Roger & Me
Fight Club
Inherit the Wind
Dead Poet’s Society
Mona Lisa’s Smile
Life is Beautiful
American Beauty
Lord of the Flies
The Truman Show
The Matrix
With Honors
Erin Brokovich
Working Girl
Risky Business
Baby Boom
Rain Man
Shawshank Redemption
Last Castle
Meet Joe Black

2) Analyze the movie: After watching the movie, you will write a 4-6 page review, consisting of:
a) intro paragraph noting the relevance of the movie to the course
b) one page description/summary of the contents of the film
-How was the story presented?

——-i.e. flashbacks, sequential, from a particular character’s point of view, etc.
-What was the intention of the film and/or filmmaker?

——-Was this intention fulfilled or met?
-Did the way the movie was produced and presented affect the content?
-Were there specific scenes or occurrences, which stood out as being essential to the development of the story and/or to your understanding of it?
-Major substantive points of the movie?
-Any secondary points made?
-Any ‘unintentional’ results of the movie?
c) 0.5-1 page in which you discuss how popular culture themes were constructed in the movie use at least 3 examples
d) 1-2 pages in which you use at least 4 sociological/pop cultural concepts covered in this course to analyze the movie (cite class materials as you do so)
e) Analyze which issues emerged as the strongest…as the weakest?
f) Briefly compare the popular culture themes in the movie you watched for this assignment to another movie you have previously seen that had similar themes.

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