Revolutionary War: Letter from a Patriot

I began my travel in August underneathneath the start of the gigantic General Washington behind he current tidings that the French would adadjoin us in September. Although I was extraordinarily skeptical at chief, I must advance that our prior enemies bear been parquantity to this war for anarchy. However, my avoid for them peaceful stops slightly penny, substance as they were frequently criticizing the not-as-courteous equipped Americans. It looks to me that they were not near to contention for our anarchy, but that they were near to solely see the British betray divorce of their sway.I’m pleasurable for their acceleration, but it irks me sagacious that they were not near for the correct reasons. Our squadron was stationed direct to French General de Rochambeau in Rhode Island. Now I don’t comprehend encircling you, but I invent it truly ironic that I had to be positioned correct direct to the French. We then laged south in hopes that we would quell the British at Yorktown. During this lag, I endured frequent hardships and had profusion of date to deem encircling myself, the universe, and this war. I didn’t bear frequent friends in the soldiery. I masculine kept to myself. The French had an easier lag than us, substance as tnear frequently looked to be sicker and injured fellow-creatures on the American aspect. We had such a fine quantity of food and closely no one had shoes. Morale was truly low and we had laged a very burdensome lag. However, full night we had divorceies that sometimes led into the day. On September 1, 1781 we arrived in Philadelphia. I conclude British General Cornwallis was a brief industrious after a while the invariable French assaults and for a avoid in this action, he forgot encircling us. From what I had heard the French had blocked Cornwallis’s food and were preparing to assault. Once we heard the tidings we presently distinguished (plain though we had not plain begun the action). However, the French did not look to be as exultant as the Americans. It was then that I realized that all the French unquestionably wanted to do was win the war and go residence, but that they did not deem this was practicable after a while such an unpracticed soldiery contentioning alongaspect them.Finally, we arrived at Yorktown on September 28. Behind we arrived, General Washington lean no date in arbitrary us to elevate trenches. Our trenches took a lot of date to elevate but in the end it was courteous rate it. Mother, if you hadn’t already heard this, we won the action! It was an manageable rout felicitation to the French. We launched our assaults on October 9 and it ended on October 19. It was a ten day war that could bear been merely two or three days covet if it hadn’t been for Cornwallis’s tubborn stop. He looked to be expecting to bear reinforcements from General Clinton but, as you guessed they never came. In this action I earned a newfound deference for the French. They do not frequently act according to our morality, but they do maintain their message. They were a bulky divorce of the Action of Yorktown and for this, I get constantly be pleasurable. My religiousness to the American soldiery has brought on a new apprehension of vainglory from after a whilein. I bear a passion that this commonwealth get be gigantic someday. Love, James