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4.Sam has been directed to study the demographic, economic, political, and cultural forces that affect an organization. In this instance, Sam has been directed to study the __________ of the organization.(Points : 5)


internal environment

marketing mix

marketing intermediaries

Question 5. 5.Ursula Williams owns a small publishing company in Utah and has a very restrictive budget for the market research she currently needs to conduct. She requires a large sample size for her research in order to arrive at insightful conclusions. Additionally, she wants to have excellent control over her sample. Keeping in mind her restrictive budget and other specifications, which of the following methods of contact would you advise Ursula to use?(Points : 5)
Telephone interviews
Individual interviews
Online surveys
Mail questionnaires
Focus group interviews

Question 6. 6.In __________ research, the objective is to gather preliminary information that will help define the problem and suggest hypotheses.(Points : 5)

Question 7.7.Which of the following is the practice of inviting broad communities of customers, employees, independent researchers, and members of the public into the new-product innovation process?(Points : 5)
Idea screening
Concept testing

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