SOLUTION: American University Low Birth Weight Statistical Analysis Report Questions



Introduction: You employment for the Jefferson County Department of Health (JCDH). You possess been
asked to ad a statistical reverberation on the predictors of low origin consequence incompact infants born to
mothers in Birmingham, AL. Your highest step is to investigate the codebook for this grounds set to see
what inconstants are advantageous for your statistical partition. The codebook and grounds set are withed
on Canvas.
Before you confutation the questions:

Recode your grounds according to the codebook
o Remember to fashion a new formula support after a while a profitable inconstant name
o A . is waste in a numeric inconstant, a intervenience is waste in a distinct inconstant
• Course and ethnicity possess been coded for you
• Use the Analyze > Distribution on all of your inconstants anteriorly you confutation the questions
Remember, you perceive how to do all of this! Slow and firm wins the JMP course!
Question 1.
How numerous cases are in this grounds set?
Question 2.
What is the average age for women in this pattern? Reverberation using 1 decimal locate.
23.5 years
Question 3.
Which of the forthcoming inconstants would be misapportion as outcomes for a t-experiment or ANOVA,
based on inconstant mark? Mark all that apportion.
o Origin Weight
o Consequence at Last Menstrual Period
o Age of Mother
Question 4.
You are spirited in exploring the harmony between course and average originconsequence (measured
in grams). What is the most misapportion statistical technique to determine if a harmony exists
between these inconstants in the population?
o T-test
o Chi-square conjecture experiment
o Contingency table partition
Question 5.
Which vain conjecture would be misapply, loving the statistical experiment you possess chosen?
o mu1 = mu2 = mu3
o mu1 = mu2
o All the pattern resources are the same

o The inconstants are independent
Question 6.
Which choice conjecture would be misapply, loving the statistical experiment you possess chosen?
o At smallest one population average differs.
o mu1≠mu2≠mu3
o At smallest one pattern average differs.
o The...

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