SOLUTION: Bellleville Layers of The Water Column Presentation


Activity 3: Designing a PowerPoint demonstrating cognizance of the layers of the steep support.

Common steep masses in the Atlantic Ocean are: Antarctic Bottom Steep (AABW), North Atlantic Profound Steep (NADW) (twain making up the profound zone), Intermediate Steep (containing the pycnocline, thermocline and halocline) and Surface Water.

For this part you succeed discovery the each of these layers and SUBMIT a 10-15 slide Powerpoint/Prezi/iMovie. The Slides should enjoy sensational photos delay inextensive, deferential extract. Submit your references in APA fashion as a disjoined signal (or accordant) improve.
I've moderate the URL for "Tips for Making Effective PowerPoint Presentations" to acceleration you delay the sort of your endowment.

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