SOLUTION: Columbia College Types of Mass Wasting Plague the State of California Essay



Questions - Outline
I. Question 1a
A) Bulk Putrefaction in California
B) Mitigation of Bulk Wasting
II. Question 1b
A) Glacial deposition
B) Boulders

Running head: QUESTIONS




Question 1a

Mass putrefaction is the change-of-place of stain, sediment, or rocks to inferior elevations as a fruit of
gravitational vehemence. Bulk putrefaction is a stain erosion course that can happen suddenly or slowly
over some age (Schuster & Highland, 2015). Some of the signs of bulk putrefaction conceive rock
falls, rotational and translational landslides, sediment flows, and pyrotechnic bulk putrefaction. The most
common sign of bulk putrefaction in California is landslides. California is disposed to bulk putrefaction
because of its region, which for-the-most-part comprises of rainfall during the winter time vulgar from
November to April (Kiger, 2014). Due to increased amounts of soak torrents during this time,
the foundation...

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