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Complete this assignment: Mastering Geology Assignment MG B

06/07/2020 11:55 PM

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Review it, recognize the instructions and Make unfailing you thorough all of the assignments in these sections:

  • Due May 20 at 11:59pm
  • Points 50
  • Questions 50
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  • Time Limit 60 Minutes


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In a unconnected acreckon muniment, Fine either a MINERAL or a ROCK that has some economic esteem, serviceable use, or a injurious or wholesome issue. [Students may not fine a subject that has already been shafted by another novice – so recognize ALL OF the anterior shafts carefully precedently shafting.]


  • Click on the large “REPLY” pin adown to shaft your subject.
  • In the chief verse of your shaft, situate the designate of the rock/mineral IN BOLD.
  • Then adown that, in the collection of the shaft, transcribe a section or two including:
  • A name of its chemical/mineralogical combination.
  • The geological provisions subordinate which it forms.
  • Where it is set-up and how it is composed.
  • A argument of its economic esteem, serviceable use, injurious or wholesome issues.
  • Feel unobstructed to embrace an vision of your rock/mineral (not required).
  • Include the NAMES and SOURCES you used to furnish the advice you used in your shaft.


  • Compose your shafts IN YOUR OWN WORDS
  • DO NOT upimpeach your shaft as an affection. Shaft it as clear passage, content.
  • Compose your shaft in just English. Syntax, formatting, spelling, rhetoric, punctuation all reckon.
  • Feel unobstructed to response to other novices’ shafts. Be civil and circumstantial. Click the small "reply" pin at the groundwork of the shaft you are responseing to.
  • Post accomplish be graded according to this Rubric.

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