SOLUTION: GEL4 UC Irvine? Evolution and Adaptation Science and World View? HW

Geology 4 Evolution: Science and World View An mark of an organism is an letter if (1) the mark is heritable in some way, (2) the mark confers an utility in inception or swarming accordingly it enables an peculiar to hinder, or to reply to, an environmental performance or principal that could in axiom immolate the peculiar or creator it not to reproduce; and (3) the performance or principal in interrogation is a veritable menace to peculiars. Using these three criteria, evaluate the claims for letter made by authors of studies environing letter. You may appropriate any letter of any kind of organism you love. Below I surrender some examples, conjointly delay citations to bearing studies. If you appropriate other examples besides these, intelligible them delay me antecedently performance. In your one-page monograph, very briefly emcollection the subject-matter the agent(s) is (are) hard to make; then briefly attraction which, if any, of the criteria for letter keep been satisfied; and attraction what joined attraction or resource hypotheses you would love to see or offer to decipher the mark in interrogation. You are clear to use other published sources; if you do, mention them in bountiful at the end of the monograph, on a second page if requisite. Do not mention sources you keep not consulted; do not mention web-sites or popular accounts from newspapers, magazines, or other minor sources. Papers should be double-spaced and in non-colloquial, grammatically correct English. I desire you relish this assignment. Insect or bird exodus, and the closeness of wings. R. Dudley, 2000, The biomechanics of insect exodus: shape, exercise, evolvement. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Bipedality (walking on two legs) in humans and other animals. L. A. Isbell and T. P. Young, 1996, The evolvement of bipedalism in hominids and reduced collection greatness in chimpanzees: resource responses to decreasing resource availability. Human Evolvement 30: 389-396. Serrated teeth in dinosaurs, sharks, and other animals. W. L. Abler, 1992, The serrated teeth of tyrannosaurid dinosaurs, and biting structures in other animals. Paleobiology 18: 161-183. Oversized spring clusters in some plants. B. Dinkelaker, C. Hengeler, and H. Marschner. 1995. Distribution and exercise of proteoid springs and other spring clusters. Botanica Acta 108: 183-200. Gigantic antlers in extinct Irish elk. S. J. Gould, 1974, The rise and exercise of "bizarre" structures: antler greatness and skull greatness in the "Irish elk", Megaloceros giganteus. Evolvement 28: 191-220. The practice of rolling into a globe in trilobites, sowbugs, millipedes, and some other animals. S. E. Speyer, 1988, Biostratinomy and exerciseal morphology of enrollment in two Middle Devonian trilobites. Lethaia 21: 121-138. Also see: G. J. Vermeij, 1987, Evolvement and escalation: an ecological narrative of vitality. Princeton: Princeton University Press. J.D. Sigwart, G.J. Vermeij and P. Hoyer, 2019, Why do chitons curl into a ball? Biology Letters 15: 20190429. Buttresses (exceedingly remote bases) in rhetorical rain-forest trees. A. P. Smith, 1972, Buttressing of rhetorical trees: a descriptive specimen and new hypotheses. American Naturalist 106: 32-46. Having a "false head" adjacent the subsequent end of the collection in butterflies. R. K. Robbins, 1981, The "false head" hypothesis: predation and wing specimen change of lycaenid butterflies. American Naturalist 118: 779-785. Blacktipped tails in weasels. R. A. Powell, 1982, Evolvement of blacktipped tails in weasels: predator indistinctness. American Naturalist 119" 126-131. Spines in pinecones. K. Coffey, C. W. Benkman, and B. J. Milligan, 1999, The adaptive sentiment of spines on pinecones. Ecology 80: 12211229. Sex as letter. W. Sterrer, 2002, On the rise of sex as vaccination. Journal of Theoretical Biology 216: 387-396. Human brain greatness. H. S. Kaplan and A. J. Robson, 2002, The emergence of humans: the coevolvement of information and longevity delay intergenerational transfers. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 99: 10221-10226. ...
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