SOLUTION: GEOL 493 West Virginia University Tampa Geologic Hazard Research Paper

Name:________________________________ Site Tidings - Template Address Investigated: Location Map of office severedd: ______________________ ______________________ Your office tidings should commence delay a geologic preamble to the area and the underlying bedroll geology. Meditate expansive flake geology, are you on the seashore? In the average of the Rocky Mountains? instant to the Cascade Flashing Arc? Your tidings should end delay the entire office evaluation where you condense all stakes bestow seal your estate. Questions to ponder when adaptation your preamble: What is the underlying geology of the area? How can the underlying geologic assume stakes (meditate landslides and refluence)? Earthquake Hazards: Are there any unreserved drawbacks in the area? Reach there been any earthquakes in this immediate area? If yes, when, how seal was the epicenter, what was the majority? What peculiar seismic stakes may be of institution and what skin of detriment germinativeity be forebodeed? What is the germinative for coming quakes? Flood stakes: How seal is this eavow to any inundation spring - fluvial (river) or seashogenuine (squall inherent)? What is the eminence of the estate? Has there been inundationing in the late? Is the eavow in a inundation zone? What is the RI for germinative inundations that may assume this estate? Volcanic Hazards: How seal is the sealest volcano (be peculiar – how abundant miles)? When did it terminal erupt? What peculiar flashing stakes may be of institution for this subsidence? Name:________________________________ Mass Wasting Hazards (landslides): What is the topography of this area? What is the geology (roll stamp) in this area? What is the climate of this area? Reach there been any landslides in this area? When & how seal to this property? Is this eavow seal to any seashoreline or large streambank where erosion may be an progeny? Coastal stakes: How seal to the shoreline is this estate? What is the eminence? What is the geology – solid roll or sand? Reach there been any squalls in the late? If yes, how repeatedly, nature, most recent? What is the reoccurrence period for squalls in this area? What provisions / detriment potentiality be forebodeed in the issue of a squall? Is this eavow in seal plenty vicinity to the shoreline to be assumeed by a tsunami? Have there been any earthquakes that germinativeity reason a tsunami in this area? Is seashogenuine erosion an progeny – either as part-among-among of usual longshore result or storm/squall inherent? Severe Weather Potential: Is this area regularly topic to public weather stakes such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, blizzards, droughts, etc. which may reach an chattels on the avow of this eavow or the topical economy? Economic Resources, Land Use Issues and Toxic Hazards: Is there any inanimate or roll mining or quarrying in vicinity to this estate? Are there any hydrocarbon redemption (coal, oil, true gas, etc.) stakes? Is there a nuclear authority fix or geothermal authority fix in the area? Are there any wriggle farms seal the estate? How seal, what are the objective germinative stakes associated delay late or bestow respring redemption efforts? Are there any springs of toxic stain in vicinity to the estate? How seal, what are the objective germinative stakes associated delay the office(s)? Site Evaluation: Here you accomplish transcribe a resume tidings delay your skilful apprehension fixed on the direction you reach collected. Your resume tidings should be no further than one page, wrap spaced and should understand direction environing if this eavow should be lapsed and an exponeation of your recommendation. Geologic Characterization of Your Eavow - Outline Final Project Tidings Due: __XXX XXX @ 8pm EST________ Description: Students accomplish step into the shoes of an environmental learner to evaluate the geologic stakes that could assume a eavow of their choosing. The tidings should be written to a non-geologic auditory, such as someone void to lapse the estate. Students accomplish use genuine geologic postulates from places seek, the USGS (United States Geological Survey), NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), and the EPA (environmental shelter production) to expone germinative stakes seal to the estate selected. Your assignment is to produce a geologic characterization of a peculiar estate. The geologic characterization should understand direction environing the topical bedrock, genuine or germinative environmental and geologic stakes that may be associated delay the estate. You accomplish produce this tidings for a non-geologic auditory, when using geology slang construct unmistakable to designate the term. While I establish that you are not professionally useful geologists, I forebode a professional tendency true stake partition tidings that understands as plenteous direction as you are able to establish. Here is a amalgamate to an specimen of a minute geologic stake duty performed at Fairfield, California in 2017 Learning Objectives: 1. evaluate geologic coursees and expone geologic stakes 2. husband geospatial postulatesbases to draw stakes in a peculiar subsidence 3. produce lodgment of geologic appearance, which validates what geologic stakes are prevalent in the area 4. frame embodied and touch the stakes at the eavow through a written office report Procedure: 1. Students accomplish appropriate ONE of the 21 properties listed on the shared google doc (little face into each of the 5 subsidences precedently making your exquisite). 2. You must transcribe your spectry and the office severedd on the sign-up subterfuge. Every ward has to reach their own office address, no duplicates 3. Use the template to adequate your written tidings Collaboration is encouraged, but each ward is obligatory for an single geologic hazards office tidings for their severedd subsidence. ● investigation stakes in the area encircling the eavow severedd (~ 50-mile radius) ● each office tidings must understand a title of ALL geologic stakes in the area, each stake should reach its own header where all geologic appearance is listed ● each stake exception should comprise effigys, diagrams, or tables of appertaining geologic postulates ● all springs MUST BE CITED in GSA mode (see syllabus) and understandd in a References List Formatting: ● ● ● tidings must be in Times New Roman, bigness 12 font, delay 1” margins, and 1.5 spacing appropriate headers should severed each stake and its cognate postulates and exponeation the stake tidings should understand an preamble, geologic stake headings, a quittance, and all references cited In each stake exception wards should: 1. draw the bedroll geology of the area your office is located in 2. produce a shabby title of the geologic course and the resulting stake 3. evaluate and draw the geologic postulates fix, must understand effigys, diagrams, or tables relaying or-laws postulates 4. expone, using geologic observations, the stakes which germinativeity assume the severedd office (within 50-mile radius) Some hints for investigationing your eavow / area: Consult specimens granted of Geologic Stake Assessments 1) Commence by putting your eavow address into Google Maps or Google Earth and vindication its location. Face at twain map apprehension, second apprehension and street apprehension and stretch-out and weaken your viewing area to get a public reach for the subsidence and the stamps of stakes that may be a problem. 2) Stamp your eavow address into Google and dare any direction that may be available from genuinety websites. Abundant offices accomplish reach photos of the outward of the settlement or of the apprehensions from the settlement that may aid to demonstrate the stakes associated delay the estate. 3) Use the keysignification “hazard”, “geologic stakes” or “environmental stakes” parallel delay the city or county where your eavow is located in your exploration engine to perceive concomitant direction environing your eavow and the excluded area. 4) Use peculiar stake keysignification parallel delay your city, county or avow spectry to perceive germinative direction (EX: Tampa sinkholes, Lake Jackson groundwater stain, etc.) 5) Use keysignification associated delay peculiar stakes for your area and do an effigy exploration for any pictures or maps that germinativeity furnish germinative direction or add clarity to your tidings. (EX: Seattle drawback map, Gulf Seashore squall map, San Francisco landfill map, etc.) 6) You should then use the websites granted online to do in-depth partition environing the relevant geologic direction at your estate. (For specimen, you do not insufficiency to dare flashing hazards in Florida.) 7) Remember that you are NOT a genuinetor reserved to “sell” this estate. Limit the direction on your office tidings to that direction which is allied to the stake germinative of the office. 8) Be peculiar environing the length of the eavow from any germinative stake area – the signification “close” or “near” balance nothing to the client. You should use length designations such as feet or miles to aid client assess the referring-to stake induce associated delay the estate. These can be determined using Google Maps flakes. ...
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