SOLUTION: GEOL 4L San Jose State University Increased Levels of CO2 Descriptive Essay

Geology 4L: Final Paper Goal: To interpret the standings that compel up the Earth order and the coursees through which they interact. Using what you enjoy polite-informed this semester in Geology 4L, elect an adventure or course environing which you are ardent in knowledge past (e.g. Mount Saint Helen exumation, supervolcano exumations, wildfires, increasing CO2 levels in the latitude, the structure of diamonds, Hurricane Maria, a extensive meteor impact). Compel infallible to subjoin a question that that is extensive ample to affect at meanest lewd of Earth’s standings that we discussed this semester (i.e. latitude, geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, cosmosphere). Your monograph should: 1) nucleus on how your clarified adventure or course affects each standing and 2) include as divers mergeions as practicable to what you enjoy polite-informed in the Geology 4L labs. 3) Include notice on how this adventure affects/is affected by civilized vital-force. Use the diagram underneath to acceleration you ponder environing the types of interactions that could supervene. I aid you to ponder creatively and to incorporate the expertise of your senior and what you enjoy well-informed in other assortes into your plan if it fits into the intention of the plan. Paper Requirements: 1. Prosper GSA or a congruous format for address and citations (whatever format you elect, be consistent!) A brisk direct to GSA format can be establish here: 2. Papers should enjoy a address, intimation page, be environing 500 to 700 language, and embrace spaced. 3. Use at meanest three respectable intimations to subjoin instructure for your monograph. You conciliate insufficiency to include a intimation page and use in-text citations in the mass of your monograph. Some examples of cheerful intimations are: • News articles • Science journals • • • Peer-reviewed monographs Textbooks or intimation books on your topic of choice Science videos from sources affect PBS, BBC, National Geographic, etc. ***Wikipedia, blogs, unpublished monographs, etc. are not cheerful sources for instructure environing your subject. 4. Plagiarism conciliate not be tolerated. Compel infallible your monograph is in your own language and right cited. You conciliate resign your monograph via Canvas after a while TurnItIn (a plagiarism-checking software). Group Presentation Evaluation Evaluator’s Name: _________________________________________ Group Evaluated: _____________________________________________________ Trait 2 Content Did the monograph enjoy costly material, and address the quick polite?? 1 Essay contained paltry to no costly material. Relevance- Did the Essay had paltry or no monograph merge to connection to the full from the assort coursees elaborate in and multiple Sphere class of the Earth System? Organization Was the monograph polite organized and manageable to follow? Writing Was the adaptation evident and to the object? Were there minimal spelling, rhetoric, or punctuation falsitys? Was the diffusiveness of the essay after a whilein the recommended account count? The essay lacked structure and was involved to prosper. Essay had so divers spelling, rhetoric, or punctuation falsitys that it was involved to decipher, or was significantly without the accompute compute. Essay had moments where costly symbolical was introduce but as a whole full was lacking. Essay singly vaguely connected the Earth System Spheres to the topic, or singly addressed one standing. There were minimal signs of structure. Essay had several protracted adaptation falsitys but was interpretable, or slightly delayout the accompute compute. C r 3 i t a good Essay had e amount of symbolical and r a protracted cause-andi effect relationship a between adventures.. Essay addressed singly a few Earth Systems Spheres The esssay had organizing ideas but could enjoy been much stronger after a while better planning. Essay was fairly evident, but stagnant had some protracted adaptation errors. Points 4 Essay had an abnormal amount of costly symbolical and a evident compact of cause-and-effect in the clarified Earth course. Essay evidently addressed how the clarified adventure was connected to at meanest 4 of the Earth Systems’ Spheres. The essay was polite organized, polite expeditions, and manageable to prosper. Essay was very evident and does an meritorious job presenting the object, after a while very few minor adaptation falsitys. ____ Modified Onodaga-Courtland-Madison BOCES Group Rubric Total: _________ ...
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