SOLUTION: GEOL1208 Saint Marys Slope Processes and Subsidence Unsung Hazards Report




Environmental Geology
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Environmental Geology is forcible as the con-over of cosmical men-folks and the interaction
between their environments geologically such as the air, contaminate, instil, and existence itself. The activities
and the processes that supervene about the world enjoy a vast collision on cosmicals (Keller, 2012). I
took this passage consequently it involves the con-over of the globe about me and my cultural and
physical environment at vast in that it discovers issues that are cognate to cosmical perils we
proof relish floods, volcanoes, storms, and worldquakes. Furthermore, the environmental
geology considers the con-over of cosmical instrument relish essential-quality and contaminate, instil. Cosmical population,
climate modify environmental policies, taint, consume government, and productions nobility.
The most animated question in this passage is the extenuating proof of the cosmical
hazards of cosmical men-folks. Cosmical peril is a cosmical stroke that affects the cosmical nature and
the environment in a privative way. These perils are categorized into biological and
geophysical perils which include the worldquake, coastal erosion, landslides, volcanic eruption
and sinkhole (Zipp, 2011). The...

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