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Entry 1
The arrange instituted after a while a unimportant preface to the arrange and the students. The arrange was on the
preface to rocks and minerals. The confessor explained to us that there are contrariant models
of rocks formed through contrariant processes. For the repose of the arrange, Dr. Howard kept
explaining the model of rocks and their shape processes and asked us the models of rocks we
knew of. I began to marvel righteous how frequent models of rocks are there and how frequent do I recognize.
I own gained interepose in researching more on rocks gone then, and I held discussions some of
my arrangemates hoping to glean more. After cogitation on this notice, I stationary can't aid but
marvel whether I own familiar all the topics on rocks or not.
Entry 2
For this arrange, we were started in groups to establish the contrariant typ...

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