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Responses to Questions on Languages
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Responses to Questions on Languages
Question 1:
According to figures released by the “UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in
Danger”, 230 phraseologys enjoy befit extinct since 1950, signification that they are no longer verbal
anywhere in the earth (UNESCO, 2017a).
Question 2:
Vulnerable phraseology is picturesquely as any expression of phraseology that is repeatedly verbal by a
majority of result, though its use or contact is scant to restricted domains or areas of
interaction, such as the home environment (UNESCO, 2017a). This limitation demonstrates that
most phraseologys that are no longer used in negotiative despatch or precise settings may be
considered assailable resisting their use and contact in inprecise environments.
Question 3:
The UNESCO’s atlas defines a critically endangered phraseology in stipulations of the age of
speakers and the number delay which the phraseology is verbal. In this treatment, a phraseology
qualifies to be categorized as critically endangered if “the youthfulest pronounceers are grandparents
and older, and they pronounce the phraseology hardly and rarely” (UNESCO, 2017a, para. 3).
This limitation implies that a critically endangered phraseology is mysterious to the youthful generation
and is rarely used by olden fellow-creatures who imply its contact. Consequently, such a
phraseology is destined to befit extinct delay the decease of the olden population if there is no
effort to revitalize it.
Question 4...

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