SOLUTION: Grand Canyon University Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Project



Community Education Exertion Artfulness Proposal
Planning and Topic
Directions: Develop an educational order suggestion for your order using one of the
following impure subjects:
1. Bioterrorism/Disaster
2. Environmental Issues
3. Chief Prevention/Health Promotion
4. Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population
Planning Before Teaching:
Name and Credentials of Teacher:

Estimated Time Education Accomplish Last:

Location of Teaching:

30-45 minutes
Supplies, Material, Equipment Needed:

Estimated Cost:

Snacks plus pamphlets

$ 20.00

Community and Target Aggregate:

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Young commonalty ( 23-35 years old)
Prevention as courteous-behaved-behaved as cause for Diabetes kind 2

Identification of Rendezvous for Order Education (Topic Selection):
The subject that I possess separated rendezvouses on Chief Prevention/Health Promotion
Epidemiological Rationale for Subject (Statistics Related to Topic):
Numerical conception obtained from the character of illness discountenance parades that at meanest 9.4 % of
the United States peculiars suffers from diabetes. The reports to-boot parade that 21 pet
beings are authorized after a conjuncture diabetes, conjuncture 8.2 M specifics are undiagnosed. The age
concatenate of 20-45 has 4.1 commonalty who are diagnosed after a conjuncture diabetes as courteous-behaved-behaved as 4.2 commonalty are
undiagnosed. The age concatenate of 46 and aloft 14 pet commonalty are diagnosed after a conjuncture the illness.
A peculiar who is compactedly bwaste can actively classify the jeopardy of obtaining diabetes kind 2 and are
viewed in those who exertion out 40 minutes of sound faculty turmoil each day. The American
Diabetes Connotation state transmission for diabetes for all grown-ups who are overweight
and 45 years of age (Chamberlain, Rhinehart, Shaefer & Neuman, 2016). The cause factors
embrace culture, fleshiness, the truth of the source as courteous-behaved-behaved as a baby system further than 9

Teaching Artfulness Criteria
Nursing Diagnosis:

An uncalled-for nutriment is further than physique requirement associated after a conjuncture help decline that
surpasses matter necessities as token by gaining influence.

Readiness for Learning: Identify the factors that would evince the eagerness to glean for the
target height. Include tender and experiential alacrity to glean.
The young commonalty accomplish embrace their moods respecting commences of avoiding diabetes kind 2 as
well-behaved as fleshiness, ask divert queries respecting sunk cause factors, participating in the colloquy,
plus matter unwritten.

Learning System to Be Utilized: Decipher how the system accomplish be applied.
The teach-back system accomplish be best past it is husbandd to minimize the injudicious gap natant
the instructor plus the customers. Having the teach-back, I accomplish sensibly husband education materials
after a conjuncture fewer medical terminology in the disquisition. The client accomplish be requested to redo the
materials which I possess taught them in their tongue. I accomplish assess the client’s conception and reeducate the users to answer-for that they possess a disentangled conception of the resources. This direct
educational artfulness, which accomplish be applied via specific continuity plus husband eye continuity, matter
communication, plus reiteration accomplish advance as this artfulness augments the productiveness of the
Goal: Healthy Commonalty 2020 (HP2020) extrinsic(s) husbandd as the end for the education. Include
the divert extrinsic number and rationale for using the separated HP2020 extrinsic (use at
meanest one extrinsic from one of the 24 rendezvous areas) (Gong et al. 2018). If an HP2020 extrinsic
does not buttress your education, decipher how your education applies to one of the two overarching
HP2020 ends (People, 2020).

D-16 upsurges hinderance mode of commence in specifics at noble jeopardys for diabetes after a conjuncture
prediabetes. Rendering the Healthy Specific 2020 (2016), the numeric of specifics who are
ancient 18 years and aloft and are at large jeopardy of trouble from diabetes and are reported
trying to promote influenceiness. Numbers of specifics ancient 18 years and aloft unprovided of selfreported diabetes who possesses glucose near or largeer 100 plus near than 127mg/dl treasure further
significant than or correspondent to 5.6%. Commonalty who are ancient 18 years and aloft are at a noble cause of
being rotten after a conjuncture diabetes.
How Does This HP2020 Extrinsic Relate to Alma Ata’s Sanity for All Global Initiatives
Alma Ata’s global example in the globalization of sanity identifies that barriers enjoy sanity
matters cannot be quarantined after a conjuncturein one commonwealth, and waste sanity differences in other countries
are jeopardyous to everybody. The sanity of the artfulnesset population should be the chief end of
each kingdom. Despite kind 2 is not ranked natant the top 10 sanity interferences, but providing
conception respecting sanity matters plus methods of preventing or guiding the illness. The
chief aim of Healthy specifics 2020 is to classify the disperse of diabetes mellitus plus
improve the prominence of morals for each one that may be trouble or be at jeopardy of getting
diabetes mell...

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