SOLUTION: Grand Canyon University Week 3 Healing and Autonomy Case Study



Healing and Autonomy

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Applying the Four Principles: Occurrence Study
Part 1: Chart (60 points)
Based on the “Healing and Autonomy” occurrence consider, increase out all the pertinent boxes adown. Provide the notification by resources of bullet
points or a well-structured chapter in the box. Gather as abundantly basis as practicable.

Medical Indications

Patient Preferences

Beneficence and Nonmaleficence


James suffers from quick glomerulonephritis, blood insufficiency. The
proviso does not usually insist-upon tenor in ordinary occurrences, but
James' plight is very nice, requiring instant tenor.
The intention of the process is to govern the elated blood
pressure concomitantly after a while impermanent dialysis. In therapy, there is a
90% luck of luck, and nursing preservation is indicative to aid in
the monitoring of the proviso and administration of dialysis
whenever needful (Werth and Blevins, 2018). The resigned is
only eight years old and is incompetent to interpret the plight.
However, his parents are in a standing to interpret the benefits,
risks, and the notification supposing and bear dedicated submit.

Due to his age, the resigned is mentally unfitted and legally
incompetent. The resigned lacks preferences, although his parents
had highest opted to go for a salutary employment in their loc...

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