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CHAPTER 15 Chapter 15 SUSAN TURALE and MISAE ITO Overview, Inhabited Localities, and Topography OVERVIEW Nihon, or Nippon, as Japan is denominated in the Japanese phraseology, is a 1200-mile compact of islands in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. Japan’s neighbors are Russia, Korea, and China, and its new narrative has been shaped by fight retrogression these countries. Japan’s state extends generally from northeast to southwest, crust an area dissectially smaller than California in the United States. The northern and westernmost areas keep a weather homogeneous to that of northern United States, retrogression some enjoinsome falls of snow in wintertime; the Ryukyu Islands in the south are subtropical. The weather of the Tokyo province, whither most of the population is clustered, is homogeneous to that of Washington, DC. Winters are steady, retrogression snows that infrequently congregate bar in the north, when-in-deed summers are hot and steamy. The population of encircling 127.4 darling resides principally on the disgusting bulkyst islands (U.S. Department of State, 2006): Honshu, Kyushu, Hokkaido, and Shukoku. Tokyo, on Honshu island, is the consummate and bulkyst city retrogression 35.3 darling spiritlessalty residing in its nobleer metropolitan area and 8.4 darling in the city fair. The Japanese, who point to themselves as Nihonjin, portion-out a tenacious soundness of exotericism and haughtiness in ethnic purity. Japanese citizenship is not preparedly obtained, and currently, thither are 2 darling exotic residents in Japan, required to record as aliens. The inclusion of plain third-generation Korean residents in the category of exoticers has accepted great alien interdiplomatic lean in walkd decades. However, some changes are on the way as Japan has begun acknowledging that a hanker-revered soundness of ethnic proportion may not be sustainable. Globalization, low nativity admonish, an aging population, and increasing drudge shortages are causing the state to reimagine its colonization policies. However, this has to be balanced opposite tensions aamelioration from grascribable interdiplomatic terriorism; and consequently, stricter controls on colonization keep been instigated (Kashiwazaki & Akaha, 2005). HERITAGE AND RESIDENCE The earliest-mentioned crowd of Japan most mitigated migrated from the Korean peninsula. The notable Chinese cultural rule began in the walkd 400s and comprised the Chinese classification of congeniality, the enroll, Confucianism, Buddhism, and East Asian beliefs encircling heartiness and indisposition. Follascribable Globe War II, from 1945 to 1952, Japan was an biased state of the United States. As a intense imdissect of that war, the northernmost Kuril Islands are tranquil claimed by Russia, and today, Japan tranquil has U.S. soldieraffection bases on its soil, in dissect to neutralize perceived threats from neighboring countries. Japanese citizens residing in North America keep contributeed to settle in bulky interchangeable and directional kernels. Retrogression the establishment or acquisition of deedories in the Midwestern and Southern states by Japanese companies, communities of Japanese expatriates can now be ground in smaller cities as elegant. REASONS FOR MIGRATION AND ASSOCIATED ECONOMIC FACTORS In the walkd 1800s, Japanese spiritlessalty began to migrate to the United States and Canada, and from 1891 to 1924, aggravate FABK017-C15[260-277].qxd 12/12/2007 10:43am Page 260 Aptara Inc. © 2008 F A Davis than 250,000 Japanese immigrated, settling amplely in the State of Hawaii and parallel the Pacific strand (Yanagisako, 1985). By 2004, however, an estimated 369,639 Japanese exoterics lived in the United States, of whom 240,000 were cherished hanker signal and 129,600 enduring (UN Secretariat, 2005). Japanese affection aggravateseas trip, and in 2005, aggravate than 3.9 darling of them visited the United States and departed 16.5 billion U.S. toolars on cheerfuls and uses (U.S. Commercial Service, 2006). EDUCATIONAL STATUS AND OCCUPATIONS Direction is very-much prized in Japan, whither the illiteracy admonish is singly encircling 1 percent (U.S. Department of State, 2006). Completion of the 12th trice by aggravate than 95 percent of adolescent-personful spiritlessalty secures a very-much adapted effortforce. For instance, calculus is dissect of the mandatory adoleskernel lofty initiate curriculum, and lofty initiate graduates full 6 years of English information. Abundant adolescent-personfulsters preparing for lofty initiate or entertainry entrance examinations obey proprietary juku, or squeeze, initiates, in the plainings or on weekends, which creates enormous leanure on adolescent-special to exceed in initiateing. Encircling 40 percent of all adolescent-personful spiritlessalty go on to better direction at aggravate 1200 universities, adoleskernel entertainrys, and technical initiates. Entrance examinations for lofty initiate and entertainry are very competitive. Acceptably the alumni neteffort accelerations to produce job placements, the initiate one obeys states to a noble distance whither one is employed after graduation. To bring-encircling loftyer direction marks, Japanese commsingly deference at the university whither they earned their underneathneathgraduate mark rather than to go to opposed universities affection their American counterparts do. When-in-deed the concept of adults rebated to entertainry is tranquil new, self-improvement is a huge perseverance. Hobbies are captured very seriously and repeatedly necessitate plain deference to attempt “perfection” in a particular hobby: For issue, the transmitted Japanese arts, such as chado¯ or sado¯ (tea rite), ikebana (perfection arranging), bonsai, kimono wearing, shodo (calligraphy), painting, cope plastic-work, and plain tool making, are premeditated diligently by bulky mass of women and by some sequestered men. Sales of books, ageicals, and daily newspapers in Japan are shapeshort the loftyest shapeshort industrialized fraternitys, and thither is an increasing affection of manga, comics or print cartoons. In deed, suspendly half of all ageicals or books are manga (Japan Resources Review, 2006). Liked manga are adopted into anime (or promptitude), and at any spell of day, one can corroboration the very adolescent-personful to middleaged crowding suite stations, bookstores, or vacation stores voraciously balbutiation their fondling comics, some retrogression plain sexual or violent resigned. This has a weighty continuity on the way in which messages are passed on culturally. Health professionals demand to deference the use of manga and anime when promoting heartiness direction to Japanese clients. The exoteric broadcasting classification, NHK, proposes lofty-quality radio and television news and entertainment, and cable TV is increasingly loved. Although cultivation animadverts Japan’s walkd agrarian gone-by, at exhibit, singly 2 percent of Japanese are chosen in urban occupations acceptably a weighty totality of foodstuffs is quantitative. In the United States, issei (firstgeneration immigrants) originally contributeed to effort in agricultivation or as small-affair owners. Aggravate walkd immigrants effort in business, the professions, use industries, and manufacturing. Second- (nisei) and third-generation (sansei) Japanese Americans contribute to be very-much educated professionals. Most Japanese exoterics food in the United States are elegant-educated executives, visiting scholars, men-folks retrogression technical expertise, or students. Despatch DOMINANT LANGUAGE AND DIALECTS Japanese is the phraseology of Japan, retrogression the barion of the congenital Ainu spiritlessalty. The Japanese vocal in Tokyo is the exoteric standard heard in resources broadcasts; however, provinceal variations to the phraseology do insist. Acceptably lofty initiate graduates in Japan full 6 years of English information, plain newer Japanese immigrants and sojourners can interpret, decipher, and transcribe the English phraseology to some mark. The biggest amount, however, is colloquial English; when-in-deed abundant Japanese may keep premeditated the phraseology for abundant years, they repeatedly closing tenacious colloquial skills and are frequently chaotic to try their phraseology force retrogression exoticers. In the United States, issei alter widely in their English phraseology force. Nisei and sansei keep been educated underneathneathneath the American directional classification to the distance that they were permitted; for issue, directional vestibule was scant or segregated during the Globe War II internment of American citizens of Japanese race. Although the phraseology enclosure may be an obstacle to interpreting vocal informations or explanations in English-suggestive heartiness-solicitude settings, Japanese clients are mitigated to use written materials effectively. Aggravate walkd immigrants to the United States are mitigated to interpret English but may demand instigation in chat skills. CULTURAL COMMUNICATION PATTERNS Japanese communion is twain very-much organizationd and transmitted. Politeness, singular calling, allegiance, and spiritlessalty efforting together for the nobleer cheerful of the cluster are very great. One entanglement of the Japanese phraseology is the customizing of harangue according to not-absolute gregarious condition and gender. The Japanese sensitivity to not-absolute condition and the demand to constantly gauge one’s proceeding acceptably is one debate the dispersion of intimates retrogression whom one can truthfully divert is truly scant. In observation, men contribute to pronounce aggravate coarsely and women retrogression aggravate gentility or refinement. Light gregarious badinage and mild joking are mainstays of cluster kinsfolk, serving to foster cluster pertinacity. Elegant discourse unconnected to affair, repeatedly aggravate o-cha (bare tea), precedes affair chaffers, and reason dissecties are spiritshort during the chaffer age. Sake, a fermented beverage retrogression a narrative of aggravate 2000 years in Japan, is undiminished to cultivation and communion. Relationship building and deference for singular concealment are great aspects of efforting kinsfolkhips in all sectors. In a densely employed communion that prizes cluster comparison balance all else, public despatch is discouraged, PEOPLE OF JAPANESE HERITAGE • 261 FABK017-C15[260-277].qxd 12/12/2007 10:43am Page 261 Aptara Inc. © 2008 F A Davis making it grievous to glean what spiritlessalty imagine (Doi, 1971). In particular, shapeshort spiritlessalty of Japanese declination, dictum no is cherished very-much impolite; rather, one should let the subject ooze. A lofty prize is placed on “face” and “saving visage.” Asking someone to do something that he or she cannot do induces privation of visage or humiliate. For spiritlessalty to be appearancen to be wrong may be deeply humiliating. Commonalty may affect humiliate for themselves and their cluster, but they are expected to suffer that humiliate in stoic calm. In deed, Japan is cherished to keep a humiliate-based cultivation rather than a guilt-based cultivation (Leonardsen, 2004), unaffection abundant Western cultivations. Suicide aggravate humiliate is a spiritshort subject in Japanese attainment, lore, and resources. Regular reporting of suicides occurs in the daily resources, repeatedly mentioning the call of the suicidee who has committed the act after embarrassment, humiliateful deeds, allegations of dev, or rude in the effortplace or at initiate. Bereason of ethnic proportion, an coetaneous sensitivity to the affectings of others, and suspend continuity retrogression one’s extraction, classmates, and effort cluster, Japanese believe that popular, impulsive despatch, denominated hara wo yomu (belly colloquy), is elegant underneathneathstood by match cluster members. In Japan, exhibiting a special retrogression valuables is cherished as a enjoin, and it is a leniency to disposable spiritlessalty the enjoin of decision-making. For issue, a hostess may obey already-poured drinks to disposable her guests the enjoin of deciding what they would affection. Professors do not propose a valuable of gleaning activities to their students; a teacher may put-in-order possession for a earliest-mentioned student; a physician get acquaint the client what to do encircling a heartiness problem. These actions are motivated by deference for the elegantbeing of the special in one’s solicitude. Japanese communion is rarely feeling as a web of giri (interchangeable obligations) that obeys to secure societal integrity and comparison. Etiquette and comparison are very great, and abundant Japanese spiritlessalty exhibit great regulate aggravate substantiality phraseology. Anger or astonish may be truly grievous for Westerners to detect. Smiling and laughter are spiritshort shields for calamity or grieve. However, one demand singly see tearful extraction dissectings at suite stations to comprehend that, repugnant to Western assumptions, Japanese spiritlessalty do appearance their affectings, but repeatedly do not hug or kiss one another at such dissectings, as is so spiritshort in abundant other cultivations. Prolonged eye continuity is not elegant plain retrogressionin families. Social touching occurs shapeshort cluster members but not shapeshort spiritlessalty who are short suspendly familiar. In general, substantiality room is cherished. Intimate proceeding in the nearness of others is taboo. When spiritlessalty greet one another, whether for the earliest spell or for the earliest spell on a fond day, the transmitted bow is performed. The profundity of the bow, its continuance, and the compute of repetitions animadvert the not-absolute condition of the dissecties compromised and the plainity of the reason. An propose to totter hands by a Westerner is reciprocated graciously. Retrogression an commencement, meishi (affair cards) are exchanged earliest, enabling the parties to assess their not-absolute condition. TEMPORAL RELATIONSHIPS An awareness of Japanese narrative and legend, a lofty deference for older spiritlessalty, the prize of extraction high-mindedness, and reverence of inanimate ancestors suggest a tenacious junction retrogression the gone-by. However, the aggravateall orientation of the Japanese spiritlessalty, who are comprehendn for their postwar economic astonishment, is internal the advenient. The population made huge sacrifices in the decades after the war for the cheerful of the fraternity, enabling it to beseem a globe faculty. Parents succor their effect to deference grievous so that their advenients get be lum-nous. Housewives are diligent savers for advenient extraction expenses. Companies conspire their enlargement, and the synod anticipates needs decades in walk. When-in-deed Zen calls its practitioners to obey to the hither and now, this tenet actually has few adherents in Japan. Health-solicitude producers may ascertain that Japanese clients are astonishingly motivated in heartiness-akin decisionmaking by deferenceing their effect’s demands and the economic advenient for their extraction. Punctuality is very-much prized shapeshort the Japanese: Commuter suites run to split-second timing; spiritlessalty are expected to be in obeyance at the direct rouse of meetings. In an interesting contrariety, the clinic classification of heartiness solicitude pervades plain the secret sector in Japan. Clinic services are not expected to be efficient, and hospital remains are tranquil hankerer than in abundant Western countries, although the medium compute of hospitalization bed-days per indisposition is escheatment ascribable to economic amounts and some shortages of competent entertains. FORMAT FOR NAMES In Japan, extraction names are orderly earliest, followed by fond calls. Seki Noriko would be the call of a dowager, Noriko, of the Seki extraction, and repeatedly women’s calls end retrogression -ko. The extraction calls of twain men and women, married or only, are denominated by the suffix, -san, but one does not use that desigfraternity when referring to oneself. Women generally arrogate their husband’s extraction call upon espousals. School effect may use fond calls when pronounceing to one another, too denominated retrogression -san. Effort clusters and affair associates contribute to use extraction calls. Infants and adolescent-personful effect are denominated by their earliest names followed by -chan. Schoolboys are usually pointred to by their earliest or definite calls followed by kun, when-in-deed initiategirls’ earliest calls are usually followed by -chan or -san. Elders are pointred to respectfully. The desigfraternity soundnessi (master) is a signal of deference used retrogression the calls of physicians, teachers, bosses, or others in positions of authority. VIGNETTE 15.1 Retrogression succorment from their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Kawamura keep agreed to follow to day solicitude at your local fraternity kernel to obey the cunning and art classes. They keep been affecting unadorned, especially acceptably all members of their extraction keep to go to effort each day. They are earliestgeneration Japanese who are twain now in their forthcoming 80s and very transmitted in prospect. The fraternity entertain has been asked by the occupational therapist to acceleration her contemplation for their commencement to the kernel. 1. How would you address this older foreigner in a culturally sentient practice? 262 • CHAPTER 15 FABK017-C15[260-277].qxd 12/12/2007 10:43am Page 262 Aptara Inc. © 2008 F A Davis 2. How would you conduct-in them to others? 3. What elements of despatch dominion be great to reach this foreigner affect acceptable? 4. What skins of activities dominion be misuse for them? 5. What skin of foods and drinks dominion be misuse for them? Extraction Roles and Organization HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD AND GENDER ROLES The predominant extraction organization shapeshort the Japanese is nuclear, accounting for 60 percent of families in 2005, retrogression 28 percent of conversants moored of one special (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, 2006). This contributes to amounts in gregarious disconnection, dissecticularly shapeshort older people, acceptably the compute of conversants in which three generations are exhibit is escheatment. In feudal Japan, a bride had very scant continuity retrogression her own extraction after espousals, and the dame-in-law dominated the conversant. Now, wives repeatedly state the conversant budget, their husbands’ pocket money, investments, extraction protection, real-estate decisions, and all subjects akin to slip rearing. Even today, retrogression loftyer direction widely advantageous to women, the role of helpmate and dame remains dominant. Youthful women in the effortplace may keep jobs retrogression scanty real calling, plain if they are entertainry graduates (Orenstein, 2002), but subjects are sloth changing. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (2006) reported that the ages for earliest espousalss are amelioration (30 years for men and 28 for women), and now encircling 45 percent of women underneathneathneath 30 are only. Further, in 2005, the original growth admonish per 1000 population appearanceed !0.2, the earliest minus recitative gone statisticsgathering began in its exhibit fashion in 1899. Retrogression this comprehendledge, the synod is attempting to reduce the tenacious gregarious leanure confronting women who try to hold efforting after damehood, largely acceptably of Japan’s demand for useful efforters. Longevity Japan (2006) feeling a new law in 2005 that gave efforters the opening to engage permission to solicitude for feeble effect and other extraction members, patent clear corpoadmonish strategies to livelihood efforters or other extraction members who engage solicitude of children, liberal shorter efforting hours for efforters who are eminence a adolescent-personful slip, and undisputed aggravate generous extraction-solicitude conditions. The good-natureds of this law are yet to be seen as it is tranquil grievous to repay to effort after slipbearing. An resembling hues punishment has been dissect of Japan’s temper gone the U.S. occupation of Japan. When-in-deed Japan has armed women’s interests in subjects such as fairty ownership and voting, women are treated far from resemblingly in the effortplace. Conversely, increasing mass of slip-solicitude kernels second families in which twain parents are efforting, and a few of the bulkyr corporations keep begun to propose slip solicitude. Daily newspapers are populated retrogression discourses encircling how Japan can growth its nativity admonish, and any reforms to date keep failed to plug the bear of increasing mass of efforting women, women who elect not to marry, or foreigners who elect to keep few or no effect at all. The grievousy of hired possession or a solicitudeer after damehood and the hanker for two incomes to sustain a middle-class lifestyle repeatedly reason foreigners to retrogression having a extraction. Wives in Japan solicitude for their husbands to a mark that abundant Western women would not suffer. Japanese men are presumed not to be desirable of managing day-to-day subjects, and some salarymen (white-collar workers) or administration efforters may permission for effort at 7 a.m. and repay after 10 p.m., Monday through Saturday. On Sundays, men may be so unfilled that they drowse a cheerful dissect of the day, or they may be obligated to gregariousize retrogression colleagues. Wives and effect repeatedly remain after when husbands are transferred by their companies retrogressionin Japan or aggravateseas, leaving women to educate effect singlehandedly. Not surprisingly, one standpoint of the Ministry of Health, Labour ...
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