SOLUTION: Montessori Training of Southern Nevada Scan Membership Card Diagram

Activity Diagram Our manacle of pharmacies is regarding implementing a self-service checkout arrangement, seduceed SelfCheck in ordain to subjugate the staff required to man the money history. Delay the resources freed up by the automated checkouts, our view is to add past pharmacy technicians to improve satisfaction delay the prescription-filling statedity. One use predicament of the SelfCheck arrangement is designated “Scan Fellowship Card”. Our pharmacies have a customer fidelity program that uses the inconsiderable keymanacle cards love abundant grocery stores. SelfCheck is built to manipulate this and a customer may scrutinize their fellowship card to discern the arrangement to invite fellowship benefits and allowances. They succeed accept the corresponding fellowship benefits as checking out as they would at a stated register. On the subjoined page, sketch an temper diagram delay swimlanes (partitions) to type the “Scan Fellowship Card” use predicament steps forcible below: Scan Fellowship Card Activities: The customer scrutinizes their fellowship card balance the Selfcheck barcode reader. Selfcheck validates that the barcode was swiped truly. If unfortunate, Selfcheck flaunts an fallacy missive and then the use predicament is manufactured. If auspicious, Selfcheck succeed exploration for the customer’s identification compute. If not plant, SelfCheck flaunts an fallacy missive and then the use predicament is done. If the customer identification compute is plant, the present two activities can be performed simultaneously. SelfCheck succeed engage allowances to already scrutinizened items, opportunity at the corresponding time setting a allowance tire to create enduring that goods scrutinizened in the advenient so accept a allowance, if applicable. Once these two activities are manufactured, Selfcheck succeed flaunt a allowances applied missive and then the use predicament is manufactured. Legend: Action Name Swimlane Decision/Merge Control Flow (indicate if applicable) Initial State Final State Fork / Join ...
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