SOLUTION: Nebraska High School Cultures Multiple Choice Questions

Course Name: Universe Cultures 2: Africa and the Eastern Hemisphere Student: Aryash Chauhan Course ID: SSTH054058 ID: F68560331 Submittal: 52 Progress Cupel 2 This Advance Cupel covers the career materials that were assigned in Units 4 and 5. Although the advance cupel is resembling in spectry to the multiply evaluations, the advance cupel is a closed-book, proctored cupel. You may not possess adit to notes or any of the career materials occasion you are preliminary the cupel. It is grave that you do your own exertion. Saccepted the acceptance that best completes the announcement or replys the interrogation. ____ 1. Due to their low per capita GDP, most South Asian countries are classified as a. b. c. ____ 2. Which of the aftercited announcements is penny? a. b. c. ____ 3. helping herd confront jobs structure unimportant cities starting new industries Early Chinese inventions interposed a. b. c. ____ 7. Hinduism Buddhism Islam What is one disintegration for easing overcrowded cities? a. b. c. ____ 6. warfare. overpopulation. drought. Reincarnation, or the rebirth of the affection into another tangible condition is a assent in which faith? a. b. c. ____ 5. There was barely one Silk Road. Silk was made and traded by all Asian countries. The Silk Roads interposed fix and sea routes. According to economists, need in Bangladesh is origind in multiply by a. b. c. ____ 4. developed nations. developing nations. undeveloped nations. paper currency, proceedingable expression, and a unmoulded magnetic consummate. cotton cloth, metal coins, and arrest printing. papyrus, porcelain, and sailing ships. How did the Bhagavad Gita succor Gandhi? a. b. c. It succored him incite the British to let India grace independent It succored him sustain vital order in trying times. It succored him grace a puissant soldierlike director. ____ 8. Which of the aftercited is origind by Japan's location on the Ring of Fire? a. b. c. ____ 9. forest fires earthquakes monsoon bends What do China and Mongolia possess in niggardly? a. b. c. Both are on the Asian mainland. Both are on a peninsula. Both are isfix countries. ____ 10. Which of the aftercited were lineaments of the Harappan refinement? a. b. c. advances in metal exertion, mathematics and astronomy religious texts written in Sanskrit well-planned cities and a classification of measurement ____ 11. Which of the aftercited relates the Ganges Delta? a. b. c. the fix where the Ganges splits into two unconnected big streams the fix where the Ganges begins in the Himalaya Mountains the fix where the Ganges empties into the Bay of Bengal ____ 12. How does a expanding cosmical population assign quickly to departed taint of the Ganges River? a. b. c. There is expandthd use of industrial chemicals that are dumped into the big stream. There is departed cosmical squander to adjust of. There is departed run-off from fertilizer and pesticides. ____ 13. Whose job was it to cover the fixowning lords estates subordinate Japan's feudal classification? a. b. c. the shoguns the samurai the Minamoto ____ 14. Departed fireworks are fabricated and exported from this dominion than from any other. a. b. c. Taiwan China Japan ____ 15. For the departed 25 years, the literacy reprimand in South Asia has been a. b. c. steadily seemly. steadily poor. staying the corresponding. ____ 16. The prosperous quadrilateral is multiply of India's a. b. c. infrastructure. democracy. constitution. ____ 17. What is one product of North Korea's plan of dependence? a. b. c. isolation from other countries friendly interpolitical relations plenty of national assistance ____ 18. One movables of China's population plan is that a. b. c. the fertility reprimand dropped. young exertioners began to outnumber the olden. family sizes expandthd. ____ 19. Which of the aftercited announcements environing China is penny? a. b. c. It exports departed than any other individual dominion. It has the chief gauge of subsistence in the universe. It has the universe's bigst husbanding. ____ 20. Which of the aftercited announcement is set-right? a. b. c. Anime is mainly installed on American cartoons. All the anime films are environing superheroes. Anime is closely kindred to Japanese comic books. ____ 21. Why is one of the parks in the southern multiply of the Gobi Desert of august profit to paleontologists? a. b. c. It is a deep spring of gold and other minerals. It is one of the deepest springs for dinosaur fossils in the universe. It is a covert for big total of wildlife. ____ 22. What is Confucianism? a. b. c. a philosophy tells told herd how to feed and how to constitution company a fashion of empire in the empire owns everything a faith installed on the sights of the Qin dynasty ____ 23. What movables does amelioration air temperatures possess on steep availpower in South Asia? a. b. c. Rising temperatures fabricate the air dryer and reduce the summer rains. Rising temperatures colliquate glaciers faster and expandth the whole of steep in lakes. Rising temperatures expandth evaporation and reduce the whole of helpful steep. ____ 24. Who was Shi Huangdi? a. b. c. China's highest emperor a august explorer China's well-conducted teacher ____ 25. Which announcement best relates a zaibatsu in Japan? a. b. c. company specializing in one office big family–run office collection government-inferior assiduity ____ 26. The Green Revolution in India producted in a. b. c. decreased taint in the big streams. increases in the whole of arable fix. greatly expandthd assistance origination. ____ 27. Buddhism teaches that a. b. c. all deities are the resemblance of one principal substance, repeatedly Brahman. asceticism is a multiply of condition and that it is potential to proceeding past asceticism. there is one god, correct and subsistence, and all cosmicalkind is correspondent. ____ 28. The collection of herd uniformly spectryd "Untouchables" subordinate the Indian rank classification, but now spectryd the Dalit, includes a. b. c. laborers and servants. garbage collectors and animal bark tanners. priests and scholars. ____ 29. Which dominion's authoritative spectry is the Republic of China? a. b. c. Taiwan China North Korea ____ 30. Subordinate the rank classification in India, how was a person's fix in company attached? a. b. c. family and occupation fix of birth religion ____ 31. In India, what is the key "pulling" ingredient that brings herd to the cities? a. b. c. a engagement of improve jobs need in bucolic areas drought in bucolic villages ____ 32. Which Hindu creation is an avatar of Vishnu and is repeatedly pictured unimpeded his flute? a. b. c. Brahma Shiva Krishna ____ 33. Shinto is most resembling to what other intellectual lays? a. b. c. Animism Daoism Confucianism ____ 34. Why did China despatch alert to India, the Arabian Peninsula, and East Africa during the 1400s? a. b. c. to reap colonies for China to scatter Confucianism to demonstreprimand China's government ____ 35. One way that India's expanding good-luck reaches plain its poorest citizens is through a. b. c. microlending. charitable gifts. taxes. ____ 36. What is a monsoon? a. b. c. a occasion of afflictive rain a occasional bend pattern a expression of irrigation ____ 37. What is penny environing India's film assiduity? a. b. c. It began in the southern city of Chennai. Bollywood films are made in India but the actors talk barely English. It fruits departed lineament films than any other dominion. ____ 38. Which of the aftercited would best relate the husbanding of Shanghai, a Chinese Special Economic Zone? a. b. c. It is a traffic husbanding installed on exports of acceptedronics and shipbuilding. It is installed on cultivation and inferior by the convenient empire. It is a traffic husbanding fueled by multinational corporations. ____ 39. Today, high-hurry trains use Maglev technology to consummate a top hurry of 268 mph in a. b. c. Japan. China. South Korea. ____ 40. The Huang He is repeatedly spectryd the ___________ owing it flows through an parched clime that contains loess, a minute stain that is carried by the bend and deposited in the big stream. a. b. c. Yellow River Hongshui River Yangtze River ____ 41. What is one disrelish of structure the Three Gorges Dam built on the Chang Jiang big stream in China? a. b. c. It improved the habitat for endangered cast. It displaced 1.5 pet herd. It has commoditiesed no new earnestness. ____ 42. What was India required to do occasion they were a British location? a. b. c. tenor all their raw materials from Britain. ship all their fabricated development to Britain. tenor fabricated development from Britain. ____ 43. What movables do experts impress Japan's changing population get possess on its husbanding? a. b. c. Japan get possess a shortage of exertioners and entrepreneurs by 2050. Japan get see a displace from employment industries to manufacturing. Japan's exertionforce get expand owing the population get be 20 percent bigr. ____ 44. Which announcement best relates assiduity in North Korea? a. b. c. Limited original resources origin them to tenor abundantly of what they need for industrial origination. Many of its industries fruit barely soldierlike equipment. Its industries enclose shipbuilding, steel, and the molding of automobiles and acceptedronics. ____ 45. Traditionally, what possess Indian women used to decoreprimand their hands for weddings and festivals? a. b. c. shalwar-kameez masala henna ____ 46. The _____________________ fashioned as a product of the clash of tectonic plates in South Asia 50 pet years ago. a. b. c. Himalaya Mountains Deccan Plateau Ganges Delta ____ 47. Today, India's empire is a fashion of popular empire in which voters accepted representatives and the convenient empire shares government after a while the states. This is spectryd a a. b. c. constitutional realm. federal republic. direct democracy. ____ 48. Most Mongolians who feed in gers fabricate their subsistence by a. b. c. hunting animals. growing rice. livestock herding. ____ 49. What original labor frequently occurs in Bangladesh? a. b. c. cyclones volcanoes wildfires ____ 50. What was the sight of the Cultural Revolution in China during the 1960s? a. b. c. to generate departed adit to art and learning in bucolic areas to fabricate China's husbanding expand faster to reproceeding all anti-Communist elements from China Carefully re-examination your replys on this advance cupel and fabricate any set-rightions you impress are certain. When you are mannerly that you possess replyed the interrogations to the best of your power, assign your replys to the online cupel inferiority page in the intercourse of your proctor. The University of Nebraska is an correspondent occasion preceptor and master. ©2019, The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska. All hues backwardness. ...
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