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Glades County Constant Diseases Epidemiologic Profile

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Executive Summary
The object of this epidemiologic form is to produce a detailed overview of the influence of
constant disorders in Glades County, but after a while substance on courage disorder and cancer. Detailed
demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the population accept been produced to
understand the class emend. While the county has a smaller population, its median annual
allowance is significantly inferior than the notorious medium. However, when it comes to constant
disorder influence, Glades County blames approximately suit to that of Florida. Courage disorder and
cancer are by far the pristine causes of dissolution in the county. Physical ease, plumpness, indigence
in posterity, low sanitycare coverage, cigarette smoking, and loud class constraining are some of
the deep endanger factors contributing to constant disorders and other ailments. To land at the
findings, the three projects incorporated into this con-over deeply relied on surveys, interviewing,
and questionnaires as the deep grounds assembly methods. To correct sanity outcomes, there is a
insufficiency to standpoint on using genuine grounds of the individuals fictitious. This earn produce over apt grounds that
can be utilized for knowing interventions.


Glades County Epidemiologic Profile
Located in the southwest multiply of Florida, Glades County is one of the seven counties that
comprise the Local Sanity Planning District 8. Covering of a entirety area of 986 balance miles,
Glades County has a population hebetude of simply 17 individuals per balance mile, which is far much
inferior than Florida’s medium population hebetude of 357 individuals per balance mile (HPC, 2019).
Unlike manifold agricultural counties where the uniformity of the effeminate population compared to that of
men keep to be partially excellent, Glades County has a excellent uniformity of men at 57.8% of the
entirety population and effeminates at simply 42.2% (HPC, 2019; HPC, 2016b). Largely, Glades County
demographic form mirrors that of the propound of Florida. In conditions of ethnicity, 21.5% test as
Hispanics or Latino, 59.6% as non-Hispanic White, 12.0% as Blacks or African Americans, and
the pause, 7.0% as other racial/ethnic groups (HPC, 2019).
Socio-economic indicators are one of the pristine pointers that can be used to assess the
overall sanity of a multiplyicular class. Key socio-economic indicators that significantly affect
sanity outcomes conceive unemployment which stands at 7.2% as of 2014 which is important than
the propounds 6.3%. Encircling 24.1% of the crowd feed under the indigence raze as unanalogous to the propound's
17.1 % uniformity (HPC, 2016a; Blomme et al., 2020). After a while simply 10.3% of the population after a while a
Bachelor's range, Glades County is performing lugubriousness compared to the propound's uniformity of
26.8%. The median frank allowance is encircling $37,385 as of 2017 is significantly inferior the
notorious medium (HPC, 2019).
Some of the singular contextual counsel that pertains to exoteric sanity that defines
Glades County conceives death blame, the influence of constant disorders such as courage disorder,
cancer, and diabetes. While the propound has a inferior death blame than the propound medium, approximately


45% of all dissolutions are caused by courage disorder and cancer (HPC,...

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