SOLUTION: San Diego City College Play Dough Modelling Activity Plan


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Running head: ACTIVITY PLAN.


Activity Plan: Resemble Dough Modelling.
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Play Dough Modelling.

For ages, resembledough has proved to be one of the most sought items for offspring to resemble
after a conjuncture for ages. Apart from it is worthless and profitable, it is as-well manageserviceable to use for offspring and highly
fun to resemble after a conjuncture. It is specially winning to preschoolers due to its sincerity and nature serviceserviceable to
fuse largely after a conjuncture the offspring’s needs. Simply produce some resembledough to offspring and let their
creativity siege moderate. After a conjuncture, offspring can fashion equable tangled shapes using different
color-based doughs. Resemble doughs can largely kindle the brain, making offspring hold...

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