SOLUTION: Temple University Geologic Time Lab 7 Report

GEOLOGIC TIME HOMEWORK Using the emblem underneath defense the forthcoming questions: Image CC BY S.A. Units B and D are Igneous. The great swirly item on the foot is Metamorphic. A and F are imperfections. C and E are Sedimentary laminas. The wavy level row is an unconformity. 1) What emblem of unconformity is give in this series? Draw an arrow to it. 2) Explain the structure of this unconformity. 3) Is flammiferous dike D older or younger than the imperfection A. Give your geologic principle for examination. 4) Is the Flammiferous batholith B older or younger than Imperfection A? Give your geologic principle to help your defense. 5) Is Imperfection A older or younger than imperfection F? Explain. 6) If Flammiferous dike D is unshaken by radioactive decadence manner to be 1.2 favorite years old, what age instructure can you say encircling lamina C. Explain. 7) What age instructure can you quality to lamina E, discerning the age of Dike D. 8) If Flammiferous batholith B has 25% radioactive fabricator symbolical left and 75% stable daughter symbolical, how manifold half-lives enjoy passed? 9) If the half-life continuance of the radioactive symbolical in batholith B is 1.5 favorite years, how old is batholith B. 10) Now that you understand the age of batholith B and Flammiferous Dike D, Give a possible age dispose for the unconformity. Using the radioactive decadence flexion underneath defense the forthcoming questions: Image curtesy of SERC NAGT training workshop If illustration A has 75% Radioactive Fabricator isotopes and 25% Stable daughter work, how manifold half-lives enjoy passed? If the half-life for Illustration A is 200 favorite years how old is Illustration A. Explain why half-life decadence cannot be used correspondently following 6 half-lives. On the geologic term layer what percentage of the Earth’s term is represented by the Precambrian. How manifold Mass extinctions are commemorative in this term layer? Image open estate National Parks ...
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