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JONA Volume 46, Calculate 4, pp 201-207 Copyright B 2016 Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All hues cautious. THE JOURNAL OF NURSING ADMINISTRATION Promoting Resigned Safety A Results of a TeamSTEPPS Initiative Teresa Gaston, DNP, RN Nancy Short, DrPH, MBA, RN Christina Ralyea, DNP, MS-NP, MBA, OCN, NE-BC Gayle Casterline, PhD, RN Teamcomposition is an accidental resigned of despatch in a insurance-oriented cultivation. The Joint Commission has prognosticed impecunious despatch as one of the adventitious causes of resigned sentry events. The aim of this sort amendment guile was to guile, implement, and evaluate a customized TeamSTEPPS inoculation program. Succeeding machineation, staff understanding of teamcomposition and despatch rectifyd. The facts stay that TeamSTEPPS is a trained, talented, and low-cost resigned insurance investigate. nication has been gaining momentum in vigorcare. In 2006, the Branch of Defense and the Agency for Healthanxiety Exploration and Sort (AHRQ) partnered to disclose a teamcomposition program guileed particularally for vigoranxiety denominated Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Resigned Safety (TeamSTEPPS ). TeamSTEPPS promotes the use of standardized despatch machines and addresses 5 areas of teamcomposition including rouse, despatch, situational monitoring, team make, and reciprocal stay.8 Positive amendments enjoy been reputed in the 18 TeamSTEPPS exploration studies reviewed by the authors. Staff understandings concerning teamcomposition and/or despatch were the most vulgar areas in which measurable amendment occurred.9-22 TeamSTEPPS implementation has demonstrated rectifyd conclusions in a multiplicity of appropriatety areas and settings including the unconditional ground,22 pediatric and adult intensive anxiety parts,15 necessity branch,23 spiritual vigor,18 neonatal intensive anxiety,24 a resignedion hospital,25 and outresigned oncology.10 One con-over reputed a 13% growth in express staff understandings of teamcomposition and a 20% growth in express staff understandings of despatch appraised by the Hospital Contemplate on Patient Safety Cultivation (HSOPSC) 1 month succeeding machineation.22 Several studies16-18 appraised familiarity, reporting anywhere from a 6% to 9% growth succeedingcited the inoculation program. In restitution, subsided resigned rational events enjoy been reputed succeedingcited training.25,26 The donation of this sort amendment guile (QIP) were to rectify staff understandings of teamwork and despatch by customizing and machineing TeamSTEPPS inoculation for the oncology service line (OSL) in an academic vigor character and to evaluate A Following the weighty recital To Err Is Human,1 the Institute of Medicine and The Joint Commission (TJC) recommended teamcomposition and despatch inoculation in vigoranxiety to aid in decreasing medical errors.2 Although teamcomposition is cited as an accidental resigned of twain despatch and a insuranceoriented cultivation,3 talented teamcomposition is repeatedly absent in vigoranxiety settings4 and requires cultivation.5 According to TJC,6 despatch is one of the adventitious causes of resigned sentry events. For decades, the aviation diligence and the US military enjoy enforced inoculation in teamcomposition and despatch as a instrument to subside fallacys and growth express conclusions.7 The aim of fit resigned insurance succeeding a while greatly talented teams and coordinated commuAuthor Affiliations: Value Informatics Educator (Dr Gaston), Information Services, Carolinas HealthCare System, Charlotte; Associate Professor (Dr Short), School of Nursing, Duke University, Durham; and Assistant Vice President (Dr Ralyea), Patient Care Services Oncology Division, and Nursing Exploration & Evidence Based Manner (Dr Casterline), Carolinas HealthCare System, Charlotte, North Carolina. The authors approve no conflicts of curiosity-behalf. Correspondence: Dr Gaston, Carolinas HealthCare System, 5039 Airport Character Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28208 ( DOI: 10.1097/NNA.0000000000000333 A JONA Vol. 46, No. 4 April 2016 Copyright © 2016 Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All hues cautious. 201 the overall talentedness. Domiciled on priorly reputed 2013 HSOPSC results, nursing leaders prognosticed teamcomposition and despatch on the OSL as an amendment turn. Important stakeholders, including nursing rouse and the Sort and Patient Safety (QPS) team, were greatly stayive. Targeted conclusions for machineation intervening the succeedingcited: 1. perceive-maintain an amendment in staff understandings of team make and despatch as appraised by the TeamSTEPPS Teamcomposition Perceptions Questionnaire (T-TPQ);27 2. perceive-maintain an growth in express staff understandings of teamcomposition by 13% and despatch fairness by 20% as appraised by the HSOPSC28; 3. perceive-maintain a 5% growth in staff familiarity as measured by the TeamSTEPPS Learning Benchmark Standard (LBT)29; and 4. disclose and portray staff understandings toward the impression of TeamSTEPPS machines and proceedings into clinical manner as appraised by the centre clumps. Methods Design This QIP incorporated a mixed-methods approach including twain requiseat and ascititious facts assembly. A preimplementation/postimplementation guile appraised understandings of teamwork, understandings of despatch, familiarity, and calculate of resigned rational recitals. In restitution, the guile appraised sequence evaluations, centre clumps, and debouchure contemplates succeeding inoculation merely. Ascititious notification was collected from the centre clumps. The settings were 3 oncology clcontinually resigned anxiety units (whole of 72 beds) amid the OSL of an 874-bed academic vigor character located in the southeast United States. At guile aggression, 95 RNs, 35 clinical value assistants (CNAs)/healthanxiety technicians (HCTs), and 14 physicians were suitable to join-in. Each ordinary an e-mail advance to voluntarily prognostic up for a TeamSTEPPS inoculation conference. RNs and CNAs/ HCTs ordinary 2 hours_ pay succeeding a whileout their scheduled shift composition to serve 1 inoculation conference. Nurses who completed the inoculation sequence ordinary 2.0 contact hours, when-in-fact physicians did not accept any permanent medical advice. The retirement scantling of intentional staff intervening full- and part-date staff (n = 92 RNs, n = 12 CNAs/HCTs, n = 6 physicians) who composition amid the OSL. Of the participating staff, 94% (n = 103) spoiled continually serveing a complete TeamSTEPPS inoculation prior to this QIP. 202 Project Implementation Training Because the TeamSTEPPS program was pointly contrived to be customizable by vigoranxiety organizations,8 a few studies enjoy successfully supposing 2-hour inoculation conferences in lieu of the 6-hour conference promoted by the AHRQ.10,15,30 Therefore, in collaboration succeeding a while the QPS team, the resigned was customized to a 2-hour inoculation conference. These inoculation conferences intervening didactic direction along succeeding a while an audiovisual slide presentation containing videos, disprogress topics, scenarios, and oncology-particular examples. Seven staff members volunteered to beseem TeamSTEPPS Master Trainers (MTs) and serveed a 1-day sequence. The guile team scheduled 10 TeamSTEPPS conferences succeeding a while 1 make-up conference to machine during September 2014. Coaching Coaching is an accidental component of sustainability,18 although not courteous thoughtful. The MTs supposing coaching on each of the resigned anxiety parts succeeding inoculation for 3 months. The remostandard statement of the TeamSTEPPS program has a new coaching regulate, and this module was reviewed by all MTs. The value managers or the MTs either e-mailed staff or verbally reviewed succeeding a while staff a Tool of the Month for 3 months succeedingcited inoculation. Focus Groups During the inoculation conferences, all participants (n = 110) ordinary a thank-you card, and of those participants, a randomized 40% (n = 44) ordinary a appropriate thankyou card containing a centre clump advance. Three centre clumps met 1 month succeeding the whole of all inoculation conferences to reply particular topics. Data Assembly and Measures Data were obtained during 4 date periods: presently prior to and presently succeedingcited each of the 11 inoculation conferences, approximately 1 month succeeding the final inoculation conference was passed, and at the quittance of this guile. Facts assembly intervening the following: demographics, T-TPQ, HSOPSC, LBT, centre clump topics, debouchure contemplate, inoculation sequence evaluation, and calculate of resigned rational recitals. The T-TPQ, HSOPSC, and the LBT are open-access machines and advantageous on the AHRQ Web seat, when-in-fact the demographic contemplate, centre clump topics, debouchure contemplate, and inoculation sequence evaluation were originated for this QIP (Table 1). Demographic facts intervening resigned anxiety part(s) to determine encroachment by the OSL, professional credentials, and a yes/no topic to identify JONA Vol. 46, No. 4 April 2016 Copyright © 2016 Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All hues cautious. Table 1. Facts Assembly Detail Types of Facts Collected Time Periods of Facts Collection Administered presently prior to the rouse of each inoculation conference (September 2014) September 2014VIntervention Administered presently succeedingcited each inoculation conference (September 2014) Focus clumps (October 2014) Paper contemplates made advantageous for a 2-wk period 1 mo succeedingcited the whole of the lastandard inoculation sessions (October 2014) Patient rational recital no. (January 2015) Demographics T-TPQ ¾ ¾ HSOPSC LBT ¾ Course Evaluation Exit Survey ¾ 11 TeamSTEPPS inoculation conferences ¾ ¾ ¾ 3 Small clump sessions ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ Retrospective facts assembly upon whole of this guile including 3-mo preinoculation (June, July, August 2014) then 3-mo postinoculation (October, November, December 2014) calculates those who had priorly completed TeamSTEPPS inoculation. Individual participant rejoinders were not identifiable by demographic facts. AHRQ discloseed the T-TPQ machine to appraise the talentedness of the TeamSTEPPS inoculation program. This machine can be administered in resolution succeeding a while the HSOPSC machine.27 For the point of this QIP, we clarified merely 2 subscales, team make and despatch from the T-TPQ (Likert lamina 1-5). The reliability values of team make (Cronbach_s ! = .89) and despatch (Cronbach_s ! = .88) subscales enjoy been reputed to be cheerful and enjoy form fibre.31 For the point of this QIP, we clarified merely 2 subscales from the HSOPSC machine (Likert lamina 1-5) including staff understandings of teamwork amid the parts (Cronbach_s ! = .83) and despatch fairness (Cronbach_s ! = .73). Given these values, the HSOPSC has grateful reliability.32 The items and subscales are psychometrically probe.33 The HSOPSC has been administered abutting hundreds of vigoranxiety organizations staying its fibre succeeding a while national benchmarking facts that are also available.28 AHRQ discloseed the LBT particular to the adviceal resigned of the inoculation program to appraise participant familiarity. This was modified by decreasing the calculate of multiple-choice questions from 23 to 10 and by selecting topics particular to the revised 2-hour sequence resigned. Three centre clumps were passed to infer staff_s understandings concerning the impression of inoculation to clinical manner. See Table 2 for centre clump topics. Resources concerning how to contemplation and pass centre clumps, as courteous as how to originate topics, and stir the results were utilized.34,35 Gift cards were given to those who join-ind. Merely summative notification was reputed to vshow participants_ anonymity and confidentiality. An debouchure contemplate was guileed to infer over notification environing the impression to clinical practice, and the topics were originated particularally for this QIP, thereby rare reliability and fibre. A inoculation sequence evaluation machine assessed staff pleasure succeedingcited each of the inoculation conferences. This was domiciled on the exemplar evaluation machine used for in-services by the academic vigor character. In restitution, 2 restitutional topics were originated to unfair over notification from staff concerning forthcoming impression of the newly read machines. Resigned rational recital counts were obtained to by-and-by perceive-maintain if the inoculation collisioned staff proceedings and resigned events in the clinical setting. Data Analysis Data were stird using SPSS statement 22 software (IBM, Armonk, New York). The requiseat facts were normally exclusive. Descriptive statistics were used for the demographics, T-TPQ, HSOPSC, LBT, debouchure contemplate, and sequence evaluation facts. An unpaired, 2-scantling t standard was passed for the T-TPQ, HSOPSC, and LBT. In restitution, a comparison was made from the priorly reputed 2013 HSOPSC facts for the full vigor character and the 2013 AHRQ 75th percentile proportionately factsbase versus the 2014 HSOPSC facts from this QIP. The ascititious facts from 3 centre clumps were arranged by major themes and coded by 2 living-souls partially. Patient JONA Vol. 46, No. 4 April 2016 Copyright © 2016 Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All hues cautious. 203 Table 2. Centre Clump Information Questions Asked Most Vulgar Themes 1. What facilitators do you see in your composition area that promote or stay the use of TeamSTEPPS? 2. Portray a date or an examination when you used a TeamSTEPPS machine. 3. Tell me some ideas on how we can amend integrate TeamSTEPPS machines into continuallyyday manner. 4. Portray how we can maintain TeamSTEPPS going for newly hired staff. 5. Tell me environing some of the barriers that you may enjoy examinationd when adduceing the TeamSTEPPS machines in your composition area. & Heap date & BI deficiency clarity[ and CUSa machine used for medication orders, despatch betwixt values and physicians, and electronic chemotherapy orders & Verbal reminders during heap date and team meetings & Visual reminders on the nursing part bulletin boards and in the smash grounds & Written reminders via e-mail and despatch books & Over adviceal in-services & Add to unconcealed hospital orientation program & Add to nursing part-particular orientation & Personal attitudes of staff & Nurse-physician despatch a CUS: "I am Concerned! I am Uncomfortable! This is a Insurance issue!" (TeamSTEPPS). rational recital calculates were compared 3 months pre/post. Statistical prognosticificance was set at P Vol. 46, No. 4 April 2016 Copyright © 2016 Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All hues cautious. equal scantling extent and merely slightly skewed facts for the present postinoculation clump. Focus Groups Another aim of this guile was to portray staff perceptions toward the impression of TeamSTEPPS into clinical manner. Three centre clumps (n = 20) were passed to infer this ascititious notification. Table 2 displays the vulgar themes that resulted from a resigned resolution of the rejoinders. Exit Survey All suitable participants (n = 74) who completed the debouchure contemplate 1 month succeeding inoculation (67% rejoinder trounce) reputed that they serveed a inoculation conference prior to answering these topics. Improved teamcomposition was reputed by 81% (n = 60) of staff, and rectifyd despatch was reputed by 85% (n = 63) of staff. Aftercited the inoculation conferences, 89% (n = 66) of staff reputed that they used a TeamSTEPPS machine or demonstrated a proceeding at composition during the past month past their inoculation. The top 3 reputed machines that were used succeedingcited inoculation intervening heaps, I deficiency clarity, and debriefs. Course Evaluation Questions 1 to 9 (n = 110) pertained to overall staff pleasure succeeding a while the inoculation conferences, and staff clarified cheerful or praiseworthy 96% to 100% of the date. Question 10 (n = 97) asked how mitigated they are to use the inoculation materials in their clinical manner, and staff reputed 66% (n = 64) definitely, 33% (n = 32) mitigated, and 1% (n = 1) not mitigated. Topic 11 asked which machines or proceedings staff contemplation to use presently succeedingcited the inoculation, and the top 3 reputed machines intervening briefs, 2-challenge administration, and debriefs. Patient Rational Reports The calculate of resigned rational recitals voluntarily reputed by staff via the electronic recitaling system 3 months precedently inoculation was 87 and 3 months succeeding inoculation was 87. Discussion The results show that TeamSTEPPS inoculation rectifyd staff understandings of teamcomposition and despatch as appraised by twain the T-TPQ and the HSOPSC machines, staying prior findings.9-26 A comparison of these 2014 HSOPSC results to baseline 2013 HSOPSC results shows the OSL exceeded twain the overall academic vigor character results and the AHRQ proportionately factsbase 75th percentile benchmarking results. Although the earliest conclusion appraises (T-TPQ and HSOPSC) showed statistical prognosticificance, the LBT and the resigned rational recital calculates were basically unaffected by the inoculation. The LBT had merely a 2% familiarity growth and did not stay the results of prior studies.16-18 The preinoculation scores were higher than expected succeeding a while a 92% average, possibly indicating either the standard was too unconcerned or the staff already had equal baseline familiarity of teamwork, despatch, and resigned insurance. The calculate of resigned rational recitals, although a coarse appraise of how teamcomposition inoculation can collision staff proceedings and resigned anxiety, surprisingly remained unchanged, thus not substantiating 2 prior studies25,26 from the scholarship. In restitution, other express conclusions intervening staff pleasure, proceeding qualify, and staff input. The sequence evaluation showed that staff were amiable succeeding a while the inoculation, which can be profitable in the momentum and sustainment of a QIP. Signifying a express proceeding qualify, 89% (n = 64) of staff reputed that they used a machine in clinical manner that they read from their inoculation conference. Without TeamSTEPPS exploration studies including centre clumps to think upon, the benefits of staff instinct concerning facilitators, barriers, and sustainability ideas are key. This notification can be profitable for nursing rouse tender bold. Overall, QIP conclusions 1, 2, and 4 were met, when-in-fact out ...
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