SOLUTION: Troy University Facilitation Skills and Counseling Techniques Case Study


Plrepose unravel the instance con-aggravate adown and render upon the subjoined questions:

1. What is your rate of this client (Assessment)?

2. What are the most expressive completions in the instance (Boiling Down the Problem)?

3. Identify one good-natured-natured-natured SMART design for the client (Goal Setting).

4. What effects the design you signed Specific/Measurable/Attainable/Realistic/and Time Oriented (Goal Setting)?

Case Con-aggravate by: Deirdre Stevenson

Fritz is 42 years of age and has been in Australia for the elapsed 25 years. He migrated from Germany delay his direct source, comprising of his woman, senior and two sisters. At the age of 17 Fritz was populated delay powerful reveries and aspirations for his new vitality in a new dominion and until of-late had been truly delighted delay the vitality he had aslant out for himself.

Fritz has sought counseling easily due to the permanence of his consort. Fritz does not veritably apprehend why his consort is so disestablish delay him but states that she thinks he is going through a “mid vitality crisis”. A epitome of the synods is as follows. For repose of concord the Counsellor is abbreviated to “C”

In the highest synod ”C” focused on establishing a open apprehending of the offering concerns precedently tender any exalt delay the client. Fritz was having inaptitude elucidateing the details of the offer footing and why his consort seemed so unquiet encircling him. Basically he didn’t see abundantly of a completion and singly wanted to try colossus new consequently he was emotion drilled and agitated. “It’s not relish I’m having an affair” he asserts. From this highest synod “C” was powerful to eliminate profitpowerful elucidation advice and began to establish abundantly needed faith and rapport delay Fritz as he was truly skeptical towards the benefits of counseling.

Essential Instance Information

Fritz is a Personality Need Type A delay sober to potent needs for headstrong remembrance. He has been married for 19 years and until of-late has had a reasonably delighted kindred delay his consort Anna. “Of mode we keep had the regular ups and downs relish most couples”, Fritz elucidates, “but aggravateall things keep been all right”. Fritz finds it forced to recount what the disconcord is encircling and singly states that “Anna believes I am neglecting my source responsibilities and says that I answer indistinct and languid in her and the boys”.

Fritz has two boys, Ric (13) and Hans (15). Fritz recounts them as generally good-natured-natured-natured boys who are developing their own interests and he arrive-ats that they don’t need him as abundantly any-more. He believes that they would elect to rest out delay their friends rather than their “old” dad anyway. Hans the oldest son has been getting himheadstrong into a bit of hurt recently, not observeant develop some days, causing discord when he does observe and he has so been caught treasure-lifting on a few occasions. Fritz dismisses this manner as “kids stuff” and thinks that his consort is aggravate reacting. He singly states that “Hans conquer gain-grotund out of it”.

When “C” encourages Fritz to sift-canvass the footing delay Hans exalt, Fritz states that he has late expressive things to disquiet encircling. He goes on to elucidate that he is a Butcher by exchange and runs his own delicatessen. Trade has been dull recently and he is timid that the extensive fastening stores are finally going to destruction his trade. Fritz has not sift-canvassed his financial concerns delay his consort or the loss he arrive-ats at never substance powerful to complete his covet promise reverie of expanding and establishing other treasures in the extreme areas. Rather he has firm to hawk up and is thinking encircling tender detached from the city.

Fritz continues to elucidate that when Anna plant out that he had approached buyers for the treasure she was passionate and could not apprehend why he had not sift-canvassed it delay her highest, behind all it was her patrimony currency that enabled Fritz to alienation the treasure in the highest locate and to-boot, he had constantly consulted her in the elapsed on expressive omissions. “C” selected delay Fritz that this was verily reform, that in the elapsed twain he and Anna sift-canvassed expressive omission and came to an concord. Fritz replied “yes, that’s right”.

Over the elapsed few weeks Fritz has been delaydrawing late and late from the source hoping to dodge exalt battle, he has busied himheadstrong finalizing details delay the sale of the treasure (he is robust to go through delay it notwithstanding his consort’s opposition) and arranging resource plans. He does not see that such dodgeance manner is in-certainty creating late battle and singly asserts that “Anna conquer after rotund when she gets used to the idea”. Anna has threatened Fritz delay a dissever and states that she is not going to let him draw the boys out of develop and detached from friends and source.

Fritz has curious the supposition that may-be vitality would be abundantly simpler if he did go it unmatched, tremble off all his responsibilities and singly do those things he has constantly wanted to. “It’s not to late” he recurrent “I’m stationary young plenty to enjoy myself”. However, Fritz knows that he stationary loves his consort and a dissever would effect him arrive-at relish an plain bigger need.

It is plain to “C” the sum of force that Fritz is lower and the certainty that he does not portion-out his fears and anxieties delay anyone singly heightens the affection. At the omission of the highest synod “C” runs through some recreation techniques delay Fritz which he can instrument directly to succor assuage some of the symptoms of force.

It is so presumable that Fritz needs to touch delay his consort and source, eventually “C” conquer investigate to educate him some serviceable message skills in the direct synod.

Author: Deirdre Stevenson

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