SOLUTION: University of Colorado Exploring Glacial Landscapes in Google Earth Lab Report


it too price than 10 hours to finished one of the labPlease let me beneathneathstand if you scarcity anything to be radical or adventitiousI procure be blithesome to heave any substitutes, impartial permission me a intimation and procure get tail to you as shortly as I canBye for now, but procure be hither if you scarcity any prefer acceleration

Running Head: LAB 2


Lab 2


Lab 2: Exploring Glassy Landscapes in Google Earth

In this lab, you procure use Google Earth to test a sequence of glassy fixscapes in Western North America.
You procure substantiate a sequence of the glassy fixforms we discussed in Nursing Dissertation, and at each aspect, I’ll pose
multiform questions that procure (hopefully) acceleration you join what you see to the manneres we’ve discussed.
As in Lab 1, you don’t entertain to surrender all of your counter-arguments to these questions; however, you should meditate
thdisordered them, and jot down notes. At the end of the lab, I’ll ask you to surrender a writeup addressing
multiform pricearching questions.

Think of this as a implicit profession trip—the aim is not singly to counter-argument the questions but so to test some
fascinating locates. (This is a geography class, succeeding all!)

Part I: A scanty review

Think tail on what we’ve versed environing glaciers in Nursing Dissertation and our readings. (Note that opportunity we
discussed twain continental and alpine glaciation in Nursing Dissertation, our nucleus hither is on alpine glaciation.)

The homogeneity among store and ablation is key to agreement glassy construction.
In your own control, serene-up what these stipulations price. What homogeneity among store
and ablation is deficiencyful for a glacier to arrange?

Glaciers are beneathneathstandn for gaining losing ice as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved as snow in most terms. Store refers to the
snow that is adventitious to the glacier opportunity ablation refers to the total of ice and snow that the glacier
may cause. In that subject, the manner of gaining and losing snow entertain an rule on the construction n
deconstruction of glaciers.



Are store and ablation true abutting all objects on a glacier? How procure this homogeneity
among a glacier’s summit and toe?

Accumulation and ablation, in most subjects, rest trues abutting the multitudinous objects on a glacier,
and it is thdisordered this specify that the glacier is conducive to rest true. Substitute in the scold of
store and ablation may transfer to the breakage of the glacier that is arrangeed.

How procure the homogeneity among store and ablation substitute seasonally during the
series of a year?

Over the year, thither are inequitefficacious substitutes that may arise respecting store and ablation.
During the composed seasons, store is mitigated to arise as a product of the composed climes that
may subsistence the analysis of ice to the glacier. On the other influence, clime growth during the
warm seasons transfers to the streaming of snow, thus damage of ice on the glaciers.

In module 3, we authorized multiform elements which desire mountain weathers at multitudinous scales.
Brainstorm: how procure each of the forthcoming desire store and ablation?

The sealness to the tropics may transfer to the decrease in priceall clime, thus
giving opportunity for store. The farther a country may sink from a room establishs
it proof proportionately warmer stipulations that may authorize the streaming of the snow
causing ablation.




Altitude desires store and ablation in that the eminent the perpendicularity, the inferior
the clime thus translating to a decrease in the scold of streaming of snow which
translates to store. On the other influence, inferior perpendicularity products in the eminent scold
of streaming of snow, and this is lawful for ablation.


Since thither is an growth in clime internal as paralleld to introduce bodies, store is
capconducive of arisering in the introduce bodies opportunity ablation may arise in eminent scolds internal as a product of
the eminent flag of streaming of snow that may arise internal.



• The Orographic Effect and Rain Shadows

Rain shadows may give to store as they product in the
construction of introduce that may following clip, thus arrangeing ice that procure then
be multiply of the glaciers.
• Arise Aspect

The arise phase so desires store and ablation accordingly the precipitouser
the country, the eminent the scold of ablation and this differs from the areas that
may not be proportionately precipitous.
• Terrain

The terrain of the fix rules the construction of glaciers in that the areas
that may entertain disordered terrain may not be in a aspect to proof
store as paralleld to the areas that may entertain a flatten cause.

Part II: Downloading the glaciers.kmz File

Hopefully, you’re now subordinately affefficacious delay the Google Earth Pro interface. (Past labs and
activities entertain introduced you to visualizing fixscapes in 3D, measuring distances and eminences, and
viewing recorded metaphorry—If you missed them or arrive-at soiled, follow a face tail through!)

Just to reiterate, you’ll scarcity to entertain Google Earth Pro invetescold on a “real” computer for this lab. This is
contrariant from the basic account, which runs on smartphones and tablets, but can so remainder in a web
browser. You scarcity the Pro account.


To establish things easier, I've compiled a collation of locatemarks in Google Earth. Downimpute the
glaciers.kmz improve from D2L and economize it somewhither whither you’ll be conducive to furnish it. Then, vital-principle up Google
Earth. Once you’ve clicked thdisordered the initiatory tooltips, go to File

Open and prime glaciers. My

this procure parade a calculate of locatemarks beneathneathneath the “Places” Tab at the left behalf of the fence. You may
scarcity to click the drop-down menu for “Temporary Places” to see all the locatemarks. (You can metamorphose off
and desuetude the “Sightseeing Tour” to economize some intervenience.)

At the left behalf of the fence, the “Layers” tab lets you adimpartial which locate-marks Google Earth parades.
(It’s succeeding a whileout-delay adown “Places.”) Most of the term, the delinquency object remainders well-mannered-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved ample, but you
ability deficiency to metamorphose off unneedful layers to subjugate visual clutter. (You’ll deficiency to support “Borders and
Labels”, “Roads”, and “Terrain,” and peradventure “Photos.”)

Part III: Glaciers in Alaska

1. The foremost locatemark is for the Nabesna Glacier, in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Southeast

Alaska. Double-click “Nabesna Glacier” beneathneathneath the “Places” Tab.

The object starts as a top-down object. Shift to a 3D profession, and investigate the series of the Nabesna
Glacier. Whither does the glacier invent? Whither is its outflow?

This glacier invents Fromm Mount Blackburn as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved as the Anta Peaks, and it covers environing 53



Based on the objects you entertain authorized, how hanker (roughly) is the Nabesna Glacier? How considerable
eminence substitute follows locate price the glacier’s prolixity?

The referring-to prolixity of this glacier is 53 miles and has a referring-to perpendicularity of 900metres.


(HINT: Google Earth procure parade you the eminence beneathneathneath your mouse objecter. To mete cordar
distances, use the ruler tool

, but be certain to appropriate aware units of metement.)

Why is thither so considerefficient price glaciation on the north behalf of the St. Elias Mountains than the
south behalf?

On the northern behalf of the St. Silas Mountain, thither is a proportionately eminent scold of glaciation as
compared to the southern behalf due to the favourconducive latitude and perpendicularity mood that
accommodates for the store of ice and snow on the glacier making them price symptomificant
as paralleld to the southern behalf that is warmer.

Zoom in to get an up-ccause face at the glacier. (You’ll see a subordinately rough compoaspect of
contrariant metaphorry, but it’s not a vast tenor lawful now.) What are the extensive stripe-like
structures adown the conflux of the glacier’s two forks?

The extensive stripe-like structures enact the areas on the glacier that are desireed by the
stipulations that adtrue for the ablation.



Part IV: Glaciers in the Canadian Rockies

1. Next, double-click on the “Athabasca Glacier” locatemark. This procure follow you to Jasper National Park,

on the Alberta/British Columbia Border. The Athabasca Glacier is one of multiform glaciers descending
from the Columbia Icefield—often referred to as the hydrological apex of North America. These
descend north to the Mackenzie River and the Arctic Ocean, east to the Saskatchewan River and
Hudson Bay, and west to the Columbia River and the Pacific. The Athabasca Glacier is one of the
world’s most unsettled and illustrious glaciers.

The delinquency object in Google Earth parades metaphorry from March 2019. Does this establish it manageefficient to
substantiate the glacier, or to mete its prolixity?
The delinquency details that are paraden on Google Earth respecting the glacier establishs it
likely for one to mete the glacier and substantiate it late it caters an appropriate
reference object.

To get a priceunobstructedobject of the glacier’s degree, use the recordedal metaphorry cordament. Remetamorphose your
object to a top-down metaphor (you can do this by double-clicking the “Athabasca Glacier”
placemark in the schedule of locates). Then, click the

button on the toolbar and prime the

imagery from July 7, 2015. What is contrariant among March and July metaphorry? What does
this ascertain you environing the changing price of store and ablation during the series of the
The discords in seasons, as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved as climatic substitutes, is the ocean element that led to the
defence in the March and July metaphorry. The metaphorry of March paradecased the glacier to
entertain hither stripe-like structures as paralleld to the July metaphorry. The aloft construes to
the deed that climatic substitute products in the streaming of the snow deficiencyful for structure up
the glacier.



Near Sunwapta Lake at the toe of the glacier, thither is a 3D photo-sphere, unsettled delay the
icon on the map. (You may scarcity to metamorphose on photos in the Layers panel to see it.) Double-


Click on this icon to object a user-contributed panoramic object of the glacier’s toe. Next, click
“exit photo” to see the glacier in Google Earth’s 3D-rendered object. (You may scarcity to pan the
view, or “lookup” using the object controls.)

Try to recreate the object from Gadd’s Handbook of the Canadian Rockies paraden adown. What
features can you substantiate?

Meacertain the prolixity and eminence substitute of the Athabasca Glacier. How does it parallel to
what you meted for the Nabesna Glacier? Brainstorm multiform reasons that ability serene-up this


The Athabasca glacier has an eminence that is eminent as paralleld to that of the Nabesa
glacier. One of the reasons that serene-up this discord is the deed that Athabasca Glacier
is located in a country that is proportionately cooler as paralleld to the weather in the Nabesna
glacier and this gives to the streaming of the Nabesna glacier making it shorter.
Latitude discord is another element that may be used to serene-up this discord, and in
this, the neighborhood of Athabasca glacier to favourconducive rooms establishs the weather
favourconducive for taller glaciers.

Turn off recordedal metaphorry. Meltintroduce from the Athabasca Glacier feeds the Sunwapta and
Athabasca Rivers, which stream (north) to Jasper. Investigate this discouragement downstream. At multiform objects,


Zoom in, using a 3D object. What do you mark environing the form of the discouragement? What does it
allude-to environing anterior glassy ardor in the area?

The discouragement appears to be proportionately wide, which may construe to a main glassy ardor that had
occurred antecedently the ordinary ardor. Glassy erosion is another translation that one may establish from
this discouragement whither it was arrangeed as a product of erosion of a glassy.

2. Next, are the Victoria and Lefroy Glaciers. These are located ccause conjointly, aloft the Plain of the

Six Glaciers, which is itself eminent aloft the illustrious Lake Louise. Click on either locatemark—you
should be conducive to see twain glaciers.

First, zoom in to get a arrive-at for the two glaciers. Test a 3D object (Hint: face from the
northeast to the southwest). This is solemn mountain professionry, but it is opposed to substantiate
the correct degree of the two glaciers.

Because of this, I entertain quick a scanty video deviate of these glaciers, unsettled as multiply of the lab
materials posted to Canvas. Watch this video, then test on your own.
(HINT: If you metamorphose on recordedal metaphorry, do so from a top-down, perpendicular object, antecedently
adjusting the parade to 3D.)

Some things to meditate environing as you test:



What is a cirque? How do cirques growth snow store, and subjugate snow
A cirque refers to a discouragement that is arrangeed as a product of galley erosion. A
cirque is lawful for the decrease of the degree of the glacier whither thus
makes it likely for the store manner to arise.


What is a decided cord? What can a decided cord ascertain you environing the seasonal price
of store and ablation?
A decided cord refers to a cord that arises abutting a consecrated glacier from one
edge to another, and thdisordered it, the transition among the exposed
glaciers and the manner that is dressed by snow is paradeed. A decided cord
tells environing the substitutes in weather and the contact that it may entertain on the
construction and deconstruction of glaciers.


Finally, investigate the discouragement down toward Lake Louise. What are symptoms of late glassy
ardor and solitude serene in the fixscape?

Among the activities that are serene towards the Lake apprehend the deformations that
construe to the closeness of stipulations that producted in the ablation of glaciers.


3. Be certain you entertain metamorphoseed off recordedal metaphorry, and prime the locatemarks for “Bow Lake” and “Bow

Glacier Falls”. The Bow Glacier has solitudeed dramatically during the late hundred years, but you
can see whither it descends from the Wapta Icefield.

Identify the mean, disorderedly spherical lake to the southwest of Bow Glacier Falls. A century
ago, this lake lay beneathneathneath the Bow Glacier! Investigate a track downhill from the Bow Glacier
toward Bow Lake. What (post-)glassy fixforms do you see?

The post-glassy fixforms that are serene in this are the ridges that were arrangeed succeeding the
deconstruction of the glaciers.

What is the fixscape ability acceleration you price the termframe of the glacier’s solitude?
To price the termframe of the glaciers' solitude, one may scarcity to awaken the prolixity of
the decided cord as it procure cater details respecting the solitude of the glacier.

Part V: Post Glassy Landscapes in Colorado

1. Prime the definite locatemark, for Georgetown, Colorado. Zoom in and tilt the object to face at the

mountains succeeding a whileout-delay south and southwest of the town.

Examine the two discouragements that end conjointly impartial aloft Georgetown. What do they allude-to
environing the construction of this fixscape?
The two discouragements that coradiate aloft Georgetown allude-to that the fixscape was


formed as a product of the cirque that desireed the wider glacier. This producted in the
construction of discouragements that inventd from one object.

Follow the discouragement of Serene Creek downhill (ahanker I-70, northward and eastward toward
Denver.) How far down-discouragement does the U-Shaped glassy discouragement prolong? The glassy discouragement
has an degree of almost 12km. Do you see any serene symptom of a final moraine?
A final moraine is serene succeeding faceing into finer details of the metaphor of the country.

In contrariety to the Canadian examples aloft, these areas entertain not been actively glaciated late the
definite ice age—some 10,000 years. What ability entertain happened to the final moraine in the
intervening term?

At the term of interposition, thither was a disjoint among the compromised multiplys, and this could
entertain producted in challenges to...

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